2017 Diamond Lake Herbicide Treatment


Jennifer Biancalana

Mosquito  & Aquatic Control Consultant

From: Jennifer Biancalana
Sent: Monday, June 05, 2017 4:37 PM
To: ‘Margaret Resnick’
Cc: Tracy Kleinschmidt (tracykleinschmidt@gmail.com)
Subject: Treatment time!
Importance: High

Hi Margaret

We will be applying the herbicide treatment on Diamond Lake this Thursday, June 8th.  Our team will arrive at the lake at 8:30-9a.m. and will be on the water for approximately 3-5 hours. As a reminder we will be treating 40.28 acres and I have attached the treatment map for your records.

In accordance with the DMA 4 IVM herbicide label, it is okay to utilize the lake on Thursday for swimming and recreational activities. I typically recommend that folks stay out of the water to allow the herbicide time to absorb into the plants and not get displaced by the swimmers/boaters but I understand that this is a public lake and you don’t want to restrict activities on a hot day.  Our team will post treatment signs around the lake at all access points, in front of Oak Terrace and all along the shorelines where we are applying the herbicide.  This herbicide has a 21 day irrigation restriction so if there is anyone on the lake using an irrigation system to draw water from the lake, they will need to shut down the system until at least June 30th

I will also notify Greg Denny with Oak Terrace and Dan Prezell from West Shore Park.

If you  have any questions please reach me at 630-417-2332.

Thank you




Jennifer Biancalana

Mosquito  & Aquatic Control Consultant

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