2012 02 Annual Meeting Feb

February 19, 2012

Directors: Susan Frank, Dan Prezell, Mark Steward, Wayne Zumstein
Treasurer: Fred Aichele
Secretary:  Marilee C.C. Wald

Commissioners: Angelo Cangialosi, Julie Dickey, Mark Dickey, Jim Kostantinidis, Charlie Noll, Howard Petersen, Tom Pilewski, Chris Shifley

Members: 45 present and 71 proxies

Others: Sargent Curtis Gregory, Lake County Sheriff’s Office; Bill Grinnell, Fremont Township Highway Commissioner; Diana O’Kelly, Lake County Board Member, District 10

The annual meeting was called to order at 1:32 PM by President, Dan Prezell at Countryside Fire Station #1, 801 S. Midlothian Road.

New residents in attendance were asked to introduce themselves. No new residents were in attendance.

Dan Prezell introduced the directors, treasurer, secretary, and commissioners in attendance.

Marilee C.C. Wald announced that at the regular monthly board meeting of February 6, 2012, the voting rights of delinquent members were suspended for the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting in accordance with Article 2, Section 5 of the West Shore Park Corporation Bylaws which reads:

The Board of Directors of the Corporation, hereinafter provided for, may suspend the voting rights if a member during such time as the member shall fail or refuse to pay the dues or assessments properly levied by the Corporation.

At the regular monthly board meeting of February 6, 2012:

Mark Steward moved that the Board shall suspend the voting rights of those members not current with dues for the annual meeting of February 19, 2012. The motion was seconded by Wayne Zumstein. Unanimously approved by Directors: Susan Frank, Dan Prezell, Mark Steward and Wayne Zumstein.

Tori Trauscht presented information on the Indian Creek Watershed Project. The project is an opportunity to improve lake water quality conditions while building support among key stakeholders (such as West Shore Park) around Diamond Lake, the only glacial or natural, spring-fed, lake in the Indian Creek Watershed. Among many benefits to West Shore Park, the project has helped create rain gardens in strategic neighborhood locations, which will help provide erosion control and the creation of temporary water retention/infiltration areas during rain events. Tori spoke on other tips to help keep Diamond Lake healthy including: picking up dog waste promptly, goose abatement, the project to redirect road and sewer run off to the Libertyville Water Reclamation facility instead of into Diamond Lake. Ms. Trauscht also explained how the application of fertilizer on lawns can run-off into the lake and to please apply the fertilizer judiciously and according to directions.

Contact Tori Trauscht for more information on the Indian Creek Watershed Project or for information on how to create a rain garden. Information is also available at the Indian Creek Watershed Project website: www.indiancreekwp.org

President, Dan Prezell introduced, Diana O’Kelly, Lake County Board Member, District 10. Some of the topics discussed by Diana included:

  • Redistricting of Lake County has occurred. There are now 21 Board members. Members have accepted a 10% pay cut.
  • Lake County has made significant budget cuts. Things are going smoothly given the current economic conditions even when taking budget cuts and layoffs into consideration. Lake County currently has a balanced budget.
  • Early voting, absentee voting and voting by mail are all options available in Lake County.
  • Completion of Midlothian Road extension and adjacent bike path.
  • Completion of widening of the intersection Route 60 and Peterson Road to help traffic flow.
  • Reconstruction of the intersection of Route 176 and Fairfield to begin.
  • Sewer diversion project on Route 83 which will redirect sewer / storm water from Diamond Lake to the reclamation plant in Libertyville.
  • Restructuring of the courthouse and how it handles cases will begin to better serve the growing population of Lake County.

Julie Dickey and Tracey Cornish expressed concern over the extent of time the sewer project has taken. Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. Cornish also expressed concern about the blind spots and dangerous intersection conditions that have been created by large dirt piles and construction equipment, which had been left near the intersection of Circle Drive and Route 83/60 during the sewer diversion project. Diana O’Kelly will communicate with the construction company to fix this problem.

Tori Trauscht extended a, “thank you,” to Diana O’Kelly for her 18 years of service on the Lake County Board and for her quick response to questions and concerns of residents.

Residents are encouraged to contact Diana O’Kelly with concerns and issues and can receive the Lake County News, by emailing Diana: dokelly@lakecountyil.gov

President, Dan Prezell introduced Fremont Township Highway Commissioner, Bill Grinnell. Mr. Grinnell has been the Fremont Township Highway Commissioner for 23 years. Mr. Grinnell reported that he is working with WSPC on the final paperwork to complete the dedication of the roads to Fremont Township. One of the main projects to begin will be the engineering survey of the head wall of Forest Lane off of West Shore Drive near the creek, in order to begin the necessary repairs to the wall.


Tom Pilewski, WSP Traffic Commissioner, introduced Sargent Curtis Gregory of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to speak on the issue of golf cart use in WSP. Topics discussed included:


  • Fremont Township now has accepted the dedication of WSP roads. Fremont Township will have to issue an ordinance to make golf cart use legal in WSP. Such an ordinance is currently underway. The Illinois Statute concerning golf cart operation was hand delivered to all WSP homes in the summer of 2011. This statue ( 625 ILCS 5/11-1426 A )  must be precisely followed including:

◦                     Golf cart drivers MUST HAVE A VALID DRIVERS LICENSE (NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED TO OPERATE A GOLF CART. Sargent Gregory reported that if a minor under 16 receives a ticket for operating a golf cart, it can be harder for that child to receive a license when he/she turns 16. A minor between 16-18 years of age who receives a ticket for operating a golf cart in a reckless manner, may have his/her license revoked until the age of 21, at the judge’s discretion.)

  • The golf cart must be up to regulations, including, but not limited to:

◦                     INSURANCE, proper reflectors, slow moving vehicle signs, brake lights, mirrors

◦                     Without the above listed criteria, the golf cart owner / driver can be ticketed and the golf cart can be towed.

  • DUI laws apply to all golf cart operators.

The above is for informational purposes only. Please consult statute 625 ILCS 5/11-1426 A    for complete information. WSPC takes no responsibility and will not be held liable in the reporting of the above rules / statute.

The main goal of the statue / ordinance is to keep the drivers and residents / roads safe and avoid any fatalities.

Residents can call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number 847-549-5200 with concerns and to report dangerous drivers.

Sargent Gregory also reported that there has been a rash of home burglaries in Lake County by con-artists. Most of the burglaries happen during the day when two or three people approach a homeowner and suggest that they need some work on their home such as siding, roofing or driveway seal-coating. When the homeowner has left the house to accompany the “salesperson” to examine some suspected damage, an accomplice will enter the home from another door or window to steal valuables from the home. There are currently 10 known groups working similar cons in the Lake County area and the groups tend to prey on elderly homeowners. Please be aware of this and do not leave your home to speak to any repair person who has come to your home without an advanced appointment. Call 911 if you suspect these people have tried to lure you out of your home.

David Frost recommended that neighbors talk to each other if they suspect suspicious activity, burglaries and thefts. Let a WSP Board member know and a community alert can be issued.

Tom Pilewski reported that as requested at the 2010 Annual WSP Homeowners Meeting, the Board of Directors explored the pros and cons of turning over our roadway system to Fremont Township. In March 2011, the WSP Board formed an Advisory Committee to review this issue. The charter of the Advisory Committee was to “discuss and explore the pros and cons regarding the possibility of WSP turning over their roadway system to Fremont Township and to possibly come to a consensus on a recommendation for the WSP Board to consider.” The road commission meetings were open to all residents of West Shore Park and many residents attended the meetings. After several meetings, a question and answer session was held in October 2011 for all residents. Following the meeting, a document was made available and delivered to all residents: Questions And Concerns Raised Regarding Turning Over WSP Roadway System To Fremont Township. Mr. Pilewski and the committee members met with Bill Grinnell, Fremont Township Highway Commissioner on several occasions to clear up questions raised by residents and the committee. It was reported that the road committee was met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the possibility of WSP turning over the WSP roadway system to Fremont Township as committee members canvassed the neighborhood and collected signatures. Tom Pilewski reported that it is the official recommendation of the WSP Advisory Road Committee that WSPC formally petition Fremont Township to take over jurisdiction of the WSP Roads.

At the regular WSP Board Meeting of November 7, 2011: James Melledy moved: Based on extensive research, the polling of WSP residents and the collection of over 100 signatures in favor, it is the official recommendation of Tom Pilewski, Chairperson of the Advisory Road Committee, that the WSPC Board formally petition Fremont Township to take over jurisdiction of WSP Roads. The motion was seconded by Susan Frank. Unanimously approved by Directors: Susan Frank, James Melledy, Dan Prezell, Mark Steward and Wayne Zumstein.

Tom Pilewski moved: As requested at the 2010 Annual WSP Homeowner’s Meeting, the Board of Directors explored the pros and cons of turning over the WSP roadway system to Fremont Township. It was the official recommendation of the WSP Advisory Road Committee that WSPC formally petition Fremont Township to take over jurisdiction of the WSP Roads. The WSPC Board voted unanimously in favor of the official recommendation at the regular board meeting of November 7, 2011. This recommendation is now formally put to the WSP homeowners to finalize, complete and legalize the transfer of the WSP road system to Fremont Township. The motion was seconded by Bruce Brodzik. The motion passed unanimously by a voice vote.

Secretary, Marilee C.C. Wald, read the meeting minutes of last year’s Special Call Meeting Minutes and the Annual Meeting Minutes of February 20, 2011.

Janie Ann Slade moved and Angelo Cangialosi seconded that the minutes of February 20, 2011 be approved as presented. This was unanimously approved by a voice vote.


Fred Aichele presented the Treasurer’s Report for 1/08/12 – 2/14/12. Items discussed included:

  • Water-main break.
  • Well maintenance has run over budget.
  • Tree removal following the large storm in July and Drain Clean Out higher as a result of the July storms.
  • Lower road repair costs resulting in the turn-over of the roads to Fremont Township.
  • Snow plowing / salting lower also a result of the road turn-over.

Tom Pilewski moved and Bruce Brodzik seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be approved as submitted. Unanimously approved by a voice vote. A copy will be attached to the minutes and will be available for download.

Lisa Yaffe commented that the budget seemed to be in a better shape than it had been in previous years and requested what the Treasurer’s goal was for ideal fund balance amounts.

Fred Aichele replied that ideally the board would spend exactly what was budgeted for a fiscal year. The current fund balances are higher than usual because we are realizing a savings due to the transfer of roads to Fremont Township. Excess funds will be used to reduce next year’s dues. Brett Laureys voiced his opinion to the board that the ideal emergency fund should be $100,000.00

Fred Aichele discussed the adopted budget and annual dues for the 2012 / 2013 fiscal year.


$368    Water                                                   $ 35     Hydrant Fee

$  89    General                                                            $ 89     General

$  38    Beach & Park                                      $ 38     Beach & Park                          $38 Beach & Park

————————————————                        ——————————————-      ——————————

$ 495.00                                                          $ 162.00                                              $38.00

This budget was unanimously approved for proposal at the Regular Monthly Board Meeting of January 12, 2012.

For comparison use only: The previous year’s annual dues for homes on the WSP Water System are as follows: 2011 – $737 / 2010 – $740 / 2009 – $756 / Annual dues are currently projected to be lower for the 2013 fiscal year (Not a guarantee).

Janie Ann Slade inquired whether WSPC recouped the insurance money from an accident that occurred at the Block II beach in the summer of 2011. Fred Aichele reported that there had been an insurance payment received following the accident.

Tracey Cornish moved that the 2012 / 2013 Proposed Dues be accepted by the WSP Membership as presented. Howard Petersen seconded the motion. This was unanimously approved by a voice vote.

Mark Steward moved and Susan Frank seconded that the Proposed Dues be adopted for the 2012 / 2013 fiscal year. This was unanimously approved by the WSP Board by a voice vote.

The term of Director: James Melledy, Director Mark Steward and Director Wayne Zumstein have all expired. James, Mark and Wayne are all interested in continuing to be on the Board of Directors.

There was a call for any other nominations for the position of Director. There being none:

Howard Petersen nominated James Melledy for Director. Seconded by Terri Aichele. There being no other nominations, James Melledy was unanimously elected by a voice vote.

Janie Ann Slade nominated Mark Steward for Director. Seconded by Gail Kersten. There being no other nominations, the election of Mark Steward passed by voice vote.

Bryan Hogan nominated Wayne Zumstein for Director. Seconded by Royden Slade. There being no other nominations, Wayne Zumstein was unanimously elected by a voice vote.



Traffic Commissioner, Tom Pilewski reported:

  • Traffic enforcement continues and has been effective at initiating slower speeds and more complete stops at stop signs throughout WSP.
  • Scheduling has been broken up into various, irregular time frames.
  • He has noticed a trend that fewer people from WSP are receiving traffic violations.
  • Goal to specifically have more enforcement when children are waiting for, or coming from, school buses and are on the roads.
  • A positive result of the program is that more patrols have been seen in WSP during times when WSP has NOT hired patrols.
  • Informational sheets regarding the statues related to golf cart use was distributed in the summer of 2011. He is hoping to put together a comprehensive informational sheet for distribution for the summer of 2012.

Tom Pilewski reported that two days after they were put up the “Back To School” traffic safety posters were purposely TORN DOWN. He is very disappointed that someone in WSP would do such a thing.

Tom recommended contacting the Lake County Sheriff’s Dispatch (847) 549-5200 to report dangerous drivers.

The traffic enforcement program has proven to be effective and will continue.


Road Commissioner, Howard Petersen reported:

  • Some repairs and crack sealing was done, and some planned repairs were canceled, before the roads transitioned to Fremont Township.
  • Phil Yaffe will act as the liaison between WSP and Fremont Township yet any concerns and issues regarding roads should be directed to Bill Grinnell.

Dan Prezell thanked Howard Petersen for his many years of excellent service as Road Commissioner in WSP. “Thank you, Howard!”

The WSP Board would like to thank Angelo Cangialosi and Jimmy Kostantinidis for the excellent job they have done with the WSP Annual Picnic Celebration the past several years.

At the Regular Board Meeting of November 7, 2011, Dan Prezell appointed Julie Dickey the WSP Special Events Commissioner. Mrs. Dickey presented a breakdown of the estimated cost of expanding the variety of special events beyond one picnic. She had also indicated that she would like to organize the events and that several events will help foster community spirit. She and several homeowners organized Oktoberfest 2011, which was open to all residents. The event was a huge success and was at no cost the WSP homeowners. All items/food were donated by homeowners – the cost of the celebration did not come out of the WSP HOA Budget. Based on the success of that event, she had proposed several events through the year rather than the one annual picnic. Her estimated cost for all the events is less than what had been budgeted for the previous one annual celebration.

Some events to look for in the upcoming year may include: January Winter Carnival, February Beach Ice Skating & Bonfire, Easter Egg Hunt, Beach Clean-Up & Ice Cream Social, Fishing Derby, Annual Picnic, Beach Clean-Up & Pizza Night, and Oktoberfest. Please note that this is a preliminary list of events. Dates, locations and time of upcoming events will be posted on the WSP website.


Dan Prezell reported that the board has continued to work closely with the Law Offices of Kovitz, Shifrin, Nesbit. West Shore Park must become compliant with the changes in Illinois State Law and must revise the Rules & Regulations, Bylaws and create a Governing Declaration. According to the Law Offices of Kovitz, Shifrin, Nesbit, the current documents are antiquated and inconsistent. Revising the documents to become compliant with the new Illinois State Law will ensure that the West Shore Park Corporation is operating legally and that the rights of the association and its homeowners’ are fully protected.

Some items the Board has been working on include:

  • Bringing the current By-Laws, Covenants and Rules and Regulations current and compliant with Illinois State Law.
  • Composing a Governing Declaration.
  • Clarifying procedure in assessment collections.
  • Extensive deed  research to bring ALL deeds for homes within West Shore Park current
  • Rewrite Rules &  Regulations pertaining to new construction

A Special-Call meeting was held on October 24, 2011 to address questions and concerns raised by homeowners after the distribution of the final revision of the Restated Governing Declaration. The board met with homeowners and polled residents, realizing that more work was to be done, and later coming to the decision to seek a second legal opinion regarding the working of the Declaration. The goal of the board is to develop a legal, correct governing document.


Tracey Cornish announced that she is bringing back Between The Pillars! She is in need of stories for the monthly newsletter, which will be distributed via email and available for download from the WSP website. Gail Kersten reiterated that neighbors enjoy hearing about accomplishments and the activities of neighbors and friends. Anniversaries, wedding announcements, births, performances, sporting events, news information … send stories to Tracey Cornish: tacornish@gmail.com

Larry Goodnow suggested that WSP request Fremont Township to install street lights. No action was taken.


Dan Prezell expressed his thanks to all the volunteers who serve as directors, officers, and commissioners and all those that help with the many facets of making life so enjoyable in West Shore Park!

A special acknowledgment was given to Fred Aichele, Tracey Cornish, Ken Krasinski and Tom Pilewski and all the board members for the many hours and extensive work done on the revision of the Declaration.

A special acknowledgment was given to Fred Aichele who in April will be entering his 30th year of service as the Treasurer for West Shore Park!

David Frost thanked the board for all the support he has received in his years as a contractor with West Shore Park

Howard Petersen moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Bryan Hogan and unanimously approved by a voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 3:49 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilee C.C. Wald, Secretary