2013 02 Annual Meeting Feb

February 17, 2013

At the April 8, 2013 Monthly Board Meeting, Mark Steward moved to accept the minutes of the Annual Meeting of February 17, 2013 as corrected and to present the minutes to the WSP Homeowners’ Association for approval at the annual meeting of February 16, 2014

On February 16, 2014: Janie Ann Slade moved and Brett Laureys seconded that the minutes of February 17, 2013 be approved as corrected. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.


Directors: Susan Frank, James Melledy, Dan Prezell, Mark Steward

Treasurer: Fred Aichele

Secretary:  Marilee C.C. Wald

Commissioners: Bruce Brodzik, Angelo Cangialosi, Julie Dickey, Jimmy Kostantinidis, Brett Laureys

Members: 37 present and 74 proxies

Others: Bill Grinnell, Fremont Township Highway Commissioner; Diana O’Kelly, Lake County Board Member, District 10



The annual meeting was called to order at 1:34 PM by President, Dan Prezell at Countryside Fire Station #1, 801 S. Midlothian Road.



Carol O’Donnell presented information compiled from www.epa.gov/ttnatw01/burn/leaftburn2.html, Illinois Institute of Natural Resources, “Advisory Report on the Potential Health Effects of Leaf Burning” and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on how leaf burning may lead to air pollution, health problems, and fire hazards. Included in her presentation were several pros and cons for burning leaves.

Leaf Burning Pros                                                    Leaf Burning Cons

Easier than bagging                                                     Air pollution

Lower cost                                                                   Global warming

Smells like fall                                                             Long-term health issues

Tradition                                                                       Residents with asthma forced to stay inside

                                                                                        Hidden costs – health care, air conditioning

                                                                                         A few residents having an impact on the health of al




Alternatives to Leaf Burning included:

·         Lawn Service

·         Composting – Personal http://www.swalco.org

               Lake County http://www.swalco.org/Resources/ServicesandFacilities

·         Mulching – Use on garden and landscape plants

·         Leaf Pick-Up Service

·         Dan Prezell has been looking into alternative options to leaf burning:

·         Current cost of stickers for lawn bags are $2.67 each

·         Subscription for seasonal yard waste pick up from Groot Disposal running from April – November with 4 bags allowed per week is $106.81

·         Dan Prezell has discussed leaf pick-up service for West Shore Park with Josh Molnar, Municipal Manager Groot Industries. The quoted cost is approximately $10,000.00 / season. (appx $53.00 per home)

(All prices listed above are current estimates at the time of reporting and are not a guarantee of rate.)

The West Shore Park Board will continue discussions to determine if leaf pickup is an option for WSP residents. It is understood that pick-up service may not work for homes that do not have curbs, and those that would have a difficult time getting leaves to the road. Residents are reminded that if they choose to burn leaves, they must follow the Lake County Regulations and Guidelines for Open Burning:




President, Dan Prezell introduced, Diana O’Kelly, Lake County Board Member, District 10.

Following the discussion on open burning, Mrs. O’Kelly reported that Lake County is currently looking for neighborhoods to test a pilot program for leaf pick-up. Lake County would negotiate the cost with a waste hauler. Leaf burning would be banned if a neighborhood was chosen to participate in this program. The WSP Board will investigate this option.


Some of the topics discussed by Mrs. O’Kelly included:        

·                     A new County Board Chairman has been elected. Aaron Lawlor of Vernon Hills.

·                     Lake County has made budget cuts as necessary. Things are going smoothly given the current       economic conditions. Lake County currently has a balanced budget.

·                     Early voting, absentee voting and voting by mail are all options available in Lake County.

·                     Petersen Road reconstruction continues.

·                     Completion of Lakewood Forest Preserve tunnels.

·                     Trail access connections on purchased land and preserve improvements continue.


Residents are encouraged to contact Diana O’Kelly with concerns and issues and can receive the Lake County News, by emailing her: dokelly@lakecountyil.gov



President, Dan Prezell introduced Fremont Township Highway Commissioner, Bill Grinnell.

Some of the topics discussed by Mr. Grinnell included:

·         Reported that a referendum item on the upcoming Fremont Township ballot is whether or not Fremont Township should contract with a single waste hauler for leaf pick-up.

·         An engineering survey, working with the Army Corp of Engineers, will be done concerning the head wall of Forest Lane off of West Shore Drive near the creek. This will begin the necessary repairs to the wall. The entire project may take more than a year to complete.

·         Research and plans for repairs and drainage issues on Forest Lane Beach Road will be done.

·         Response to a question posed by Fred Aichele: The WSP streets are now being pretreated with salt-brine or beet/sugarcane spray before expected snow, which helps prevent black ice from forming and snow from sticking to the roads.

·         Residents can bring fallen branches to the road side and call the township (847-223-2848) for a pick up. Branch pick up will also be available after stormy weather.


There will be Diamond Lake Status Meeting on February 20, 2013 from 6-8pm at Countryside Fire Station #1, 801 S. Midlothian Road.



New residents in attendance were asked to introduce themselves. WSP welcomes new residents: Juli Crane and Maria and Miguel Gomez!



Dan Prezell introduced the directors, treasurer, secretary, and commissioners in attendance.



Marilee C.C. Wald announced that at the regular monthly board meeting of February 4, 2013, the voting rights of delinquent members were suspended for the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting in accordance with Article 2, Section 5 of the West Shore Park Corporation Bylaws which reads:

The Board of Directors of the Corporation, hereinafter provided for, may suspend the voting rights if a member during such time as the member shall fail or refuse to pay the dues or assessments properly levied by the Corporation.

At the regular monthly board meeting of February 4, 2013:

James Melledy moved that the Board shall suspend the voting rights of those members not current with dues for the annual meeting of February 17, 2013. The motion was seconded by Susan Frank. Unanimously approved by Directors: Susan Frank, Dan Prezell, Mark Steward, James Melledy and Wayne Zumstein.



Bryan Hogan moved and Royden Slade seconded that the minutes of February 19, 2012 be approved as presented. The motion passed by a voice vote with one abstaining vote.



Fred Aichele presented the Treasurer’s Report for 1/04/13 – 2/11/13. Items discussed included:

                     Water-main break.

                     Well maintenance and proposed necessary repairs.

                     Lower road repair costs resulting in the turn-over of the roads to Fremont Township.

                     Snow plowing / salting lower also a result of the road turn-over.

Eric Larson moved and Ken Krasinski seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be approved as submitted. Unanimously approved by a voice vote. A copy will be attached to the minutes and will be available for download.



 Fred Aichele discussed the adopted budget and annual dues for the 2013 / 2014 fiscal year.




$538    Water                                                   $ 35     Hydrant Fee

$  83    General                                                $ 83     General

$  33    Beach & Park                                      $ 33     Beach & Park                          $33 Beach & Park



$ 654.00                                                          $ 151.00                                              $33.00


This budget was unanimously approved by the WSPC Board at the Regular Monthly Board Meeting of January 7, 2013 for proposal at the 2013 Annual Meeting.

For comparison use only: The previous year’s annual dues for homes on the WSP Water System are as follows: 2012 – $495 / 2011 – $737 / 2010 – $740 / 2009 – $756.

Janie Ann Slade moved that the 2013 / 2014 Proposed Dues be accepted by the WSP Membership as presented. Ken Boyd seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.



Mark Steward moved and Susan Frank seconded that the Proposed Dues be adopted for the 2013 / 2014 fiscal year. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.



Brett Laureys has overseen a recently conducted inspection of the WSP water tank and reviewed the provided maintenance report. He has presented the WSP Board several options for repair / replacement and funding. The Preliminary Maintenance Report received from Dixon Engineering, Inc. of Lake Odessa, MI was prepared on 8/2/12 and reviewed by William J. Dixon, P.E. on 10/5/12 based on the inspection performed 7/20/12 of the 117,000 gallon above ground storage tank in West Shore Park. This inspection included the outside of the tank and an internal inspection via remote vehicle. Some of the recommendations received from the inspection include shutting down the tank to thoroughly clean, repair and repaint the interior of tank or to completely replace the tank. Mr. Laureys has solicited quotes for the cost of necessary repairs. Repairs being considered include sandblasting and repairing (or replacing) corroded and pitted pipes in the well house and a load bank test.

Doing minimum repairs to the current tank would give approximately 15 more years of use at an estimated cost of $175 – $200,000.00. A new tank would cost an estimated $250 – $275,000.00 and result in approximately 30 years of use.

Mr. Laureys presented information on the approximate cost of WSPC to hook into the Mundelein water system. Purchasing water could cost homeowners an estimated $700 per home IN ADDITION TO annual dues.

Mr. Laureys recommended preparing the budget for the replacement of the water tank as a long-term solution over temporary repairs. It was the consensus of the WSPC board members to do necessary maintenance and to prepare the budget for the long term replacement of the water tank. Fred Aichele has proposed looking into applying for grant money to help off-set the cost of the tank replacement.


Dan Prezell reported that Clarke, Mosquito Management, Inc., the company contracted to provide mosquito control for WSP, will do fewer mosquito control applications. There will be six applications versus the previous fourteen applications. These applications will be scheduled close to major summer holidays. Fremont Township will treat all catch basins in WSP.

Ken Boyd requested that an email blast be sent to WSP members before scheduled spraying.

Janie Ann Slade asked if testing for West Nile virus is done in WSP. Dan Prezell replied that testing for West Nile virus is done by the Lake County Forest Preserve, not specifically in WSP.


Dan Prezell read a letter sent by resident Eric Larson, “Notifying…the Board of my opposition to the proposed budget for fiscal year 4/01/13 – 3/31/14. Specifically expenditures listed under title Special Events in the amount of $2,500.00…recommend that you keep the picnic but review the expenditures for those items that do not benefit those not wishing to participate.” (Please contact a board member if you would like to review Mr. Larson’s letter in its entirety.)

Fred Aichele expressed his opinion that this expenditure should be handled outside the WSP budget. Janie Ann Slade said that the picnic helps to maintain a sense of community.

Alex Monroe concluded that when shopping for homes, he saw the WSPC Association fee as being low in comparison to other communities with associations and is impressed with how the WSPC has put together and administers the budget.

Juli Crane expressed her concern that there is an unpleasant smell of her water and inquired if this is a result of having well water. Brett Laureys replied that the well water may have an odor, but it is blended before being pumped to homes. He explained that some older homes with older pipes may have stronger odors.

The terms of Directors Susan Frank and Dan Prezell have expired. Susan and Dan are both interested in continuing to be on the Board of Directors.

There was a call for any other nominations for the position of Director. There being none:

Ken Boyd nominated Susan Frank for Director. Seconded by Julie Dickey. There being no other nominations, Susan Frank was unanimously elected by a voice vote.

Janie Ann Slade nominated Dan Prezell for Director. Seconded by Jimmy Kostantinidis. There being no other nominations, the election of Dan Prezell passed by voice vote.



Dan Prezell reported that the WSP Board members have continued to work closely with Ken Krasinski and his committee to update the Bylaws and the Declaration and Covenants that govern the WSPC. WSP Board members have been working to revise and update the Bylaws and the Declaration and Covenants that govern the WSPC and have been working with Ralph, Schwab & Schiever, Chartered (legal firm contracted by WSPC) for legal review. West Shore Park must become compliant with the changes in Illinois State Law and must revise the Rules & Regulations, Bylaws and create a Governing Declaration. Revising the documents to become compliant with the new Illinois State Law will ensure that the West Shore Park Corporation is operating legally and that the rights of the association and its homeowners’ are fully protected.

Some items the Board has been working on include

                     Composing a Governing Declaration.

                     Bringing the current By-Laws, Covenants and Rules and Regulations current and compliant   with Illinois State Law.

                     Clarifying procedure in assessment collections.

                     Extensive deed  research to bring ALL deeds for homes within West Shore Park current

                     Rewrite Rules &  Regulations pertaining to new construction

A Special-Call meeting was held on October 24, 2011 to address questions and concerns raised by homeowners after the distribution of the last revision of the Restated Governing Declaration. The board has also met with homeowners and polled residents. The goal of the board is to develop a legal, correct governing document.



Dan Prezell expressed his thanks to all the volunteers who serve as directors, officers, and commissioners and all those that help with the many facets of making life so enjoyable in West Shore Park! He also expressed his thanks to those residents in attendance and encouraged residents to attend the monthly board meetings.

A special acknowledgment was given to Fred Aichele who in April will be entering his 31st year of service as the Treasurer for West Shore Park!



Angelo Cangialosi moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Bryan Hogan and unanimously approved by a voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 3:48 pm.


Respectfully submitted

Marilee C.C. Wald, Secretary