Highland Relocation Flyer 12-14-15

West Shore Park Corporation

Proposed Highland Terrace Relocation


December 14, 2015

To All West Shore Park Corporation Members,

At the October 2015 West Shore Park Corporation (WSPC) monthly meeting a plan was presented to the board to relocate a Block II street, Highland Terrace. Due to a growing concern about the project by the residents of WSPC, the board formed a committee to discuss all aspects of the Highland Terrace Relocation project. A request for committee members was sent out through an email blast to the community and was posted on the WSPC web site. The Committee was formed with the purpose of discussing the details regarding the Highland Terrace Relocation Project and to determine the overall effect of the project on WSPC.

On November 17th, 2015, Fremont Township held an informational Public Hearing at the Countryside Fire Station to review the project and get feedback from the community.

The purpose of this document is to summarize all the information collected from the committee meeting, the public hearing and details gathered by the board. It is the intent of the WSPC board to inform all members of the facts and hear the concerns of the members before making any decisions on the project.

The following information has been gathered:

  1. Project’s effect on WSPC water system

    1. It is Brett Laurey’s (WSPC’s water commissioner) opinion that there would be no added pressure to the system and the potential added volume would have no effect on the water system or the remaining 4-inch ductile iron on Forest. When asked, three plumbing contractors, Behm Enterprises, Patnick Inc., and Baish Construction concurred with Mr. Laurey that there would be no adverse effect on the existing water system.

    2. There was a concern that increased heavy construction equipment on Forest might cause additional breaks to the existing 4-inch water main during construction and in the near future putting a financial burden on the community. During construction, a performance bond on the contractor will be required and potentially held in effect up to a year after construction. It was proposed that WSPC could piggy back on a performance bond required by Fremont on the contractor. Fremont Township Highway Commissioner, Bill Grinnell, stated that he would impose a 110% performance bond on the contractor.

  1. Questions were asked regarding the volume of water used by the Winemasters. The Winemasters are being charged for three improved lots, their pool and ice rink. They also have a permit to use lake water to water their lawn.

  2. It is estimated that the cost for moving of the water main for this project will be approximately $35,000.00. Moving the water main involves changing several old valves, the addition of approximately 250 linear feet of new 6-inch PVC pipe to replace the existing outdated 4-inch ductile pipe and the potential addition of another fire hydrant on Forest. The 4-inch ductile pipe along Forest from the Highland Terrace and Fairview Drive intersection to Woodbine is the last 4-inch pipe in Block II and will need to be replaced in the near future. This upgrade to the WSPC water main will be paid by the Winemasters. This would save WSPC the cost of having to replace this section in the near future.

  3. The water main relocation estimate above was prepared by Behm Enterprises. Behm has been working on the WSPC water main pipes for approximately 20 years and is very familiar with the water mains. The Winemasters have indicated that they would want to use Behm to do all the water main work. They have worked with Behm before and are very happy with their work.

  • Costs associated with upgrade – Fremont costs and who pays for it?

  • The question was asked if Fremont Township resident’s taxes will go up if Fremont Township has to pay for any portion of this project. According to the Fremont Township Highway Commissioner, the Winemasters would pay for all the costs associated with the project including Lake County and Fremont Township’s costs. Township residents’ taxes should not be affected.

  • Costs added to WSPC Association Dues for each house taken down?
    1. Although this item is not directly related to the project, this item has been discussed at board meetings and at the committee meeting. It has been determined that even though several houses have been demolished in the last couple of years, it is a rare occurrence that a house is demolished and the lot left unimproved. Over the last thirty years there have been more empty lots improved than lots left unimproved. Thus, the number of houses demolished has been less than the number of new houses constructed. It was calculated for each lot in which the status of a lot has changed from improved lot to unimproved lot, the dues increase approximately $4/member annually.
    2. The following information is from WSPC Treasurer, Fred Aichele:

                     In 1983, 150 homes were billed.  In 2012, 190 homes were billed.

                    The count for the upcoming 2016 billing is 186 homes, which is 190 less the 4 houses the Winemasters tore down.

                    Since 2005, 6 new homes have been built, not counting those torn down and rebuilt.

  • Does West Shore Park assess fees for changing the water main?

  • There is a big concern that costs could be incurred by WSPC due to this project, such as lawyer fees, engineer fees, additional unforeseen work, nuisance fees, etc. WSPC does not want to be responsible for any extra costs associated with the project. WSPC plans to enter into a contract with the Winemasters and will be requesting a onetime fee or some other fee structure associated with the project to cover potential WSPC costs listed above.

    1. Safety

        1. It was discussed that the proposed 24 foot wide road would provide better access for Fire Trucks to get down than the current 12 foot road. Chief Jeff Steingart stated that the wider proposed Highland Terrace would aid the fire department in getting to houses on Forest Lane. Chief Steingart also stated that the unusual proposed intersection would not be a problem for fire trucks to maneuver.

    2. There is a concern that if tall arborvitaes are planted along Highland Terrace similar to the trees planted along Fairview, the line of sight for cars will be impacted. The proposed 40′ Right of Way (ROW) for Highland Terrace will be to Lake County specifications. The proposed plan calls for a 22′ of drivable asphalt with one foot of gravel on each side of the asphalt. Thus, leaving approximately 8′ of green space on each side of the gravel. According to Lake County specifications nothing can be planted in the 40′ ROW. The new Highland Terrace ROW should improve the line of sight for cars proceeding west on Highland Terrace at the intersection.

      1. Although not directly related to this project, there was much concern brought up at the committee meeting and Public Hearing regarding the line of sight on Fairview Drive around the bend when entering the neighborhood. Fremont Township stated that they are looking into different solutions to making the curve safer but there is no solution yet.

    3. Lake County

      1. Lake County has reviewed the project and has performed an assessment of the intersection and found the new intersection to be as compliant as possible for this type of neighborhood. Lake County required the Highland Terrace be a 40′ road.

      2. Lake County also assessed the drainage and had no problems with the proposed drainage. Mr. Grinell indicated that he had a question regarding the drainage and has asked the engineer to clarify. Mr. Grinell will review the final drainage plan and WSPC will aid the engineer on the location of drainage pipes and the details of the drainage in the affected areas.

      3. Lake County indicated that all permits and fees will be assessed by Fremont Township as well as supervision and inspection. Lake County and IDOT road specifications, regulations and laws will apply though.

    4. Traffic Survey

      1. There was much concern expressed that the proposed unusual four way stop intersection might be non-compliant and dangerous. At the Public Hearing, a representative from Lake County indicated that Lake County has performed an assessment of the intersection for compliance and safety and found the new proposed intersection to be compliant and safe for this type of neighborhood. The assessment did require that Highland Terrace be a 40′ road.

    5. Drainage

    6. It appears that more pervious land is being added to the area and that the drainage will not affect private and WSPC property.

    7. There is concern that the new construction plan may impact the drainage by the lake on WSPC property. There is a drain pipe leading from a catch basin on Forest Lane through the property formerly owned by the Slades to WSPC property. Dave Frost (WSPC resident) may have exact information on the location of the pipe to insure the pipe does not get compromised and cause flooding.

      1. Lake County also assessed the drainage and had no problems with the proposed drainage. Mr. Grinell indicated that he had a question regarding the drainage and has asked the engineer to clarify. Mr. Grinell will review the final drainage plan and WSPC will aid the engineer on the location of drainage pipes and the details of the drainage in the affected areas.

  • Construction Schedule

  • There has been no schedule presented at this time. The thought from Fremont Township was that the permit process would start in the spring of 2016 and construction would start in the summer of 2016 if everything goes right. It is estimated that the actual construction of the new road and all the utility work would take approximately 30 calendar days.

  • WSPC is currently performing due diligence to ensure the project is in the best interest of WSPC. WSPC is estimating by March a decision will be given to Fremont Township whether or not they would be granted access to the water main.

  • For the last few years there has been construction and major landscaping projects being performed which has bothered many of neighbors. An emphasis will be made to adhere to a construction schedule .

In the following months, the WSPC board hopes to gauge the overall feeling of the members regarding the project. If it is determined that the project will benefit the community, WSPC plans to enter into a formal contract detailing fees, bonds, plans and specifications for the water main, schedule, etc. with the appropriate parties to protect the interests and assets of WSPC.

If you have any questions or comments please contact James Melledy at melledymakers@att.net


WSPC Board of Directors