2014 02 Minutes Annual Mtg Feb Final



February 16, 2014


Directors: Susan Frank, James Melledy, Dan Prezell, Mark Steward

Treasurer: Fred Aichele

Secretary:  Marilee C.C. Wald

Commissioners: Bruce Brodzik, Angelo Cangialosi, Brett Laureys, Tom Pilewski

Members: 39 present and 85 proxies

Others: Bill Grinnell, Fremont Township Highway Commissioner; Diana O’Kelly, Lake County Board Member, District 10


The annual meeting was called to order at 1:51 PM by President, Dan Prezell at Countryside Fire Station #1, 801 S. Midlothian Road.


President, Dan Prezell introduced, Diana O’Kelly, Lake County Board Member, District 10.

Some of the topics discussed by Mrs. O’Kelly included:

  • Things are going smoothly given the current economic conditions.

  • Early voting, absentee voting and voting by mail are all options available in Lake County.

  • Lake County plans to spend more than $500 million dollars on road projects over the next 5 years.

  • Forest Preserve lands continue to be added, including popular dog parks and walking paths.

  • A grant to help WSP with the water tank upgrade and water system is being investigated.

  • Recommendation that every household recycle as much material as possible and to keep recyclable material out of the landfills. For more information visit:             http://www.swalco.org/Recycling/Documents/RecycleFirst.TrashLast_Guidelines.pdf

  • Ms. O’Kelly has been elected to the position of Township Supervisor. Her term as a Lake County Board Member will expire in 2014.

Tom Pilewski expressed his appreciation for the Lake County News email updates.

Residents are encouraged to contact Diana O’Kelly with concerns and issues and can receive the Lake County News, by emailing her: [email protected]

Janie Ann Slade asked if there is an update on the possible extension of Route 53. Ms. O’Kelly reported that currently a finance committee is looking at the feasibility of extending Route 53.


President, Dan Prezell introduced Fremont Township Highway Commissioner, Bill Grinnell.

Some of the topics discussed by Mr. Grinnell included:

  • Reported that the Township is currently over budget on salt and fuel as a result of the extremely cold and snowy winter. A mix of sand and salt is being used in some areas.

  • A permit should be issued soon to begin the necessary repairs of the head wall of Forest Lane off of West Shore Drive near the creek. Bids will be solicited and reviewed in March and April. Projected plans are to begin work during the summer of 2014.

  • Plans for the 60/83 and Midlothian Road reconstruction Phase 1 has been completed. Financing is now being looked into.

  • Response to a question posed by Dan Prezell regarding Fremont Township providing fall leaf collection: Diana O’Kelly reported that a WSP representative should approach the Fremont Township Board to request information on the possibility of Fremont Township contracting with a single waste hauler for fall leaf collection. She also recommended contacting SWALCO to request becoming a pilot program for leaf collection. Mr. Grinnell added that there could be possible savings on collection costs.


New residents in attendance were asked to introduce themselves. WSP welcomes new residents: Chip Altholz and Linda Ptak, Michael and Holly Huang, Kori Larson representing the

Glenkirk residents, John Lohrmann, Mike O’Kelly, Lewis Pettengill, and Michael & Xochithl McKenna. We apologize if we missed any new residents who introduced themselves. Welcome to all new residents!



Dan Prezell introduced the directors, treasurer, secretary, and commissioners in attendance.


Marilee C.C. Wald announced that at the regular monthly board meeting of February 10, 2014, the voting rights of delinquent members were suspended for the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting in accordance with Article 2, Section 5 of the West Shore Park Corporation Bylaws which reads:

The Board of Directors of the Corporation, hereinafter provided for, may suspend the voting rights if a member during such time as the member shall fail or refuse to pay the dues or assessments properly levied by the Corporation.

At the regular monthly board meeting of February 10, 2014:

James Melledy moved that the Board shall suspend the voting rights of those members not current with dues for the annual meeting of February 16, 2014. The motion was seconded by Mark Steward. Unanimously approved by Directors: Susan Frank, Dan Prezell, Mark Steward, and James Melledy.


Janie Ann Slade moved and Brett Laureys seconded that the minutes of February 17, 2013 be approved as corrected. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.


Fred Aichele presented the Treasurer’s Report for 12/31/13 – 1/31/14. Items discussed included:

  • Tree removal.

  • Traffic patrol.

  • Well maintenance and proposed necessary repairs.

  • Drainage near block 2 beach.

  • Shoreline restoration fund.

  • Allowance for uncollectable

Juli Crane moved and Royden Slade seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be approved as submitted. Unanimously approved by a voice vote. A copy will be attached to the minutes and will be available for download.


Fred Aichele discussed the adopted budget and annual dues for the 2014 / 2015 fiscal year.


$533    Water                                                   $ 35      Hydrant Fee

$  73    General                                                $ 33     General

$  38    Beach & Park                                       $ 38     Beach & Park

————————————————             ——————————————-

$ 644.00                                                           $ 146.00

This budget was unanimously approved by the WSPC Board at the Regular Monthly Board Meeting of January 6, 2014 for proposal at the 2014 Annual Meeting.

For comparison use only: The previous year’s annual dues for homes on the WSP Water System are as follows: 2013 – $654 / 2012 – $495 / 2011 – $737 / 2010 – $740 / 2009 – $756.

Mike Davenport requested information on why the mosquito control expenditure had been reduced from last year. Dan Prezell, Mosquito Commissioner, explained that two treatments carried over from last year and the proposed cost is for four additional treatments (for a total of six). Fremont Township will treat the catch basins.

A discussion was had with many residents present at the meeting in favor of increasing the amount of mosquito sprays.

Paul Becke requested the cost to replace trees that have had to be removed be considered as an item in the budget.

Chip Altholz moved that the budget be revised to include three (3) additional mosquito control applications in the 2014-2015 budget for a total of nine (9) applications. The motion was seconded by Janie Ann Slade. The motion passed.

Fred Aichele revised the budget and annual dues for the 2014 / 2015 fiscal year.



$533    Water                                                   $ 35      Hydrant Fee

$  78    General                                                $ 38     General

$  38    Beach & Park                                       $ 38     Beach & Park

————————————————             ——————————————-

$ 649.00                                                           $ 151.00

James Melledy moved and Susan Frank seconded that this budget be accepted as revised. Unanimously approved by Directors: Susan Frank, Dan Prezell and James Melledy.

Lewis Pettengill moved that the 2014 / 2015 Proposed Dues be accepted by the WSP Membership as presented. Chip Altholz seconded the motion. The motion passed by a voice vote.


Mark Steward moved and Susan Frank seconded that the Proposed Dues be adopted for the 2014 / 2015 fiscal year. The motion passed by voice vote with the board members voting as follows: Susan Frank – yes, Dan Prezell – no, Mark Steward – yes, James Melledy – yes.


Brett Laureys reported that plans to replace the 117,000 gallon above ground storage tank in West Shore Park have begun. The variable frequency drive on one pump will be replaced.  Painting of the water tank is to be scheduled. Mr. Laureys reported that WSP has been very fortunate with the water mains in the past year. Very little had to be replaced or repaired and overall the water system is doing very well.

Brett also reminded residents to please keep the area around their buffalo box clear. Please do not cover or bury the buffalo box on your property. This could result in difficulty if the water needs to be shut off on or near your home. Please contact Brett Laureys if you would like help in identifying where the buffalo box is located on your property.


Mr. Pilewski sent a special, “thank you” to Dave Frost and his crew and the snow removal team or Fremont Township for an outstanding job on snow removal and road maintenance this winter.


Dan Prezell reported that Clarke, Mosquito Management, Inc., the company contracted to provide mosquito control for WSP, had two left over application from the previous year, which will be added onto the contracted number of mosquito control applications this year. These applications will be scheduled close to major summer holidays. Fremont Township will treat all catch basins in WSP. Mr. Prezell reported that Mundelein has only two mosquito sprayings scheduled for the year. Fred Aichele reported that Westshoreland no longer does mosquito spraying.

Brett Laureys, Chip Altholz and Linda Ptak requested that three (3) more mosquito applications be considered for a total of nine (9) applications.

Janie Ann Slade requested that an email blast be sent to WSP members before scheduled spraying. Mrs. Slade also recommended that individual homeowners look into the use of home products for mosquito control.

Juli Crane recommended that individual residents make sure that their gutters have been cleaned and to check their property for standing water.


Please contact Bruce Brodzik if you have a boat and are in need of pier space.


  • Dan Prezell presented information from the Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center regarding possible winter fish kills. According to the document:

            Prolonged periods of snow cover this winter along with thick ice and shallow water may increase             the number of dead fish (fish kills) found on Lake County’s lakes and ponds. Fish kills should be             reported to the Lake County Health Department / Community Health Center. For more     information on lakes management, visit:


  • Janie Ann Slade expressed concern over the loss of trees in West Shore Park.

            Mike Davenport reported that he has lost trees to the emerald ash borer and expressed the need to             have people check their ash trees to help prevent the spread of this destructive insect and prevent             the loss of additional trees.

            Chip Altholtz requested information on who to contact if a tree on their property appears to be             diseased or needs to be taken down. Homeowners are encouraged to contact Fremont Township if             the tree is adjacent to or close to a road. The township will help the homeowner access     ownership of the tree and can either remove the tree or direct the homeowner to a reputable tree             removal service.

  • Juli Crane requested information on obtaining a larger recycling bin. Homeowners should contact their waste hauler (most homes are serviced by Groot) to request pricing and availability on a larger recycle bin and for information about yard waste removal.

  • Gail Becke requested clarification regarding fences and expressed a concern about a homeowner who has appeared to have installed a fence and a gate. Homeowners are reminded that an individual homeowner may seek legal action against another homeowner if they feel a structure violates the WSP Covenants.

  • Homeowners are reminded that if they choose to burn leaves, they must follow the Lake County Regulations and Guidelines for Open Burning:


            Concerns about open burning can be reported to the Countryside Fire Protection District Non-            Emergency Line: 847-367-5511

  • Homeowners are encouraged to report excessive weed growth in Diamond Lake to the Mundelein Park District for weed control.

  • There have been many sightings of coyotes in West Shore Park. Residents are encouraged to keep an eye on all pets and children while outdoors.


The terms of Directors James Melledy and Mark Steward have expired. James Melledy is interested in continuing to be on the WSP Corporation Board of Directors. Mark Steward will not be seeking another term. Wayne Zumstein is no longer an owner in West Shore Park. Susan Frank, originally appointed to serve out the Director’s position vacated by Lou Troy (per SICAA guidelines and at the advice of then WSP attorneys) resigned her current position as WSP Director in order to be eligible to be nominated for the position as Block 1 Director, under current West Shore Park Corporation By-Laws.

There was a call for nominations.

Bruce Brodzik nominated James Melledy for Block 2 Director. This is a two-year term.  Seconded by Angelo Cangialosi. There being no other nominations, James Melledy was unanimously elected by a voice vote.

Jeannie Trampe nominated Tabatha Curtis for Director-At-Large. This is a two-year term. Seconded by Janie Ann Slade. There being no other nominations, Tabatha Curtis was unanimously elected by a voice vote.

Patty Melledy nominated Gina Rundall for Block 2 Director. This is a one-year term. Seconded by Ken Krasinski. There being no other nominations, Gina Rundall was unanimously elected by a voice vote.

Nicole Sullivan nominated Susan Frank for Block 1 Director. This is a two-year term. Seconded by Judith Retzinger. There being no other nominations, Susan Frank was unanimously elected by a voice vote.




Dan Prezell reported that the WSP Board members have completed their work to update the Bylaws that govern the WSPC. WSP Board members have been working to revise and update the Bylaws and the Declaration and Covenants that govern the WSPC. West Shore Park must become compliant with the changes in Illinois State Law and must revise the Rules & Regulations, Bylaws and create a Governing Declaration. Revising the documents to become compliant with the new Illinois State Law will ensure that the West Shore Park Corporation is operating legally and that the rights of the association and its homeowners’ are fully protected. The revised West Shore Park Corporation Amended And Restated By-Laws will be distributed to homeowners soon. A special, “thank you,” to Ken Krasinski and Fred Aichele for the extensive work that they have put into revising this document!

Some items the Board has been working on include:

  • Composing a Governing Declaration.

  • Bringing the current By-Laws, Covenants and Rules and Regulations current and compliant with Illinois State Law.

  • Clarifying procedure in assessment collections.

  • Extensive research to properly record the Amended and Restated By-Laws.

  • Rewrite Rules & Regulations pertaining to new construction.

  • Complete the Handbook For Directors (A guide for those serving on the board of Directors of West Shore Park Corporation).

A special call meeting will be held to address questions and concerns raised by homeowners after the distribution of the last revision of the Amended and Restated By-Laws. The goal of the board is to develop a legal, correct governing document.


Dan Prezell expressed his thanks to all the volunteers who serve as directors, officers, and commissioners and all those that help with the many facets of making life so enjoyable in West Shore Park! He also expressed his thanks to those residents in attendance and encouraged residents to attend the monthly board meetings.

A special acknowledgment was given to Wayne Zumstein who has given 18+ years of service on the West Shore Park Board and was a resident of West Shore Park for over 31 years! Mr. Zumstein and his family have moved to a new home in Westshoreland! Thank you for all your years of service!

A special acknowledgment was given to Mark Steward. Mark has chosen not to seek re-election to the WSP Board after 20+ years as a West Shore Park Board member! Thank you for all your years of service!

A special acknowledgment was given to Fred Aichele who in April will be entering his 32nd year as the Treasurer for West Shore Park!




Angelo Cangialosi moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Juli Crane and unanimously approved by a voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilee C.C. Wald, Secretary