2022 02 Minutes Annual Mtg Feb draft

West Shore Park Corporation


February 20, 2022




Directors: Larry Bakirtjy, Werner Brisske, Mike Davenport, Chris Shifley

Treasurer: Fred Aichele

Secretary:  Marilee C.C. Rusiniak

Commissioners: Dan Prezell (Block 1 Beach)

Members: 22 present and 27 proxies



The annual meeting was held via Zoom and called to order at 1:36 p.m. on February 20, 2022 by President, Mike Davenport.



Roger and Judy Mankus and Scott Spread introduced themselves.



The directors, treasurer, secretary, and commissioners in attendance introduced themselves.


Larry Bakirtjy moved and Dan Prezell seconded that the minutes of February 16, 2021 be approved as presented. The motion passed unanimously.


  • Storm sewer work along Prospect and Fairview this summer.

  • Permeable parking areas to be installed along Fairview.

  • Increase width of intersection at Prospect and Fairview – remove large dying tree.

  • Paving of Prospect Drive, Fairview Drive, Forest Lane, and Lake Terrace in the fall after water main installation.

  • Currently paved asphalt parking areas will have the opportunity to be replaced with 2″ new asphalt with cost sharing with Fremont Township. Homeowners without current asphalt parking area will have the option to self-install compacted gravel base to take part in paving opportunity. Homeowner will pay Fremont Township for their paving at approximately 1/3 of the cost for the general public. Please watch for additional details from Fremont Township for further details.

Question from Mike Davenport: What is the Fremont Township deadline for payment? Ms. Dodd responded the next couple months will gather how much interest there is in resident participation and will follow with estimation on the cost of paving with mid-July to early August for payment to be collected by Fermont Township. Clarification from Mike Davenport: This is only for homeowners who live along the roads that are scheduled to be re-paved this fall. Ms. Dodd added that Block 1 will have the same opportunity at a later date.

Werner Brisske commented that Fremont Township was very pro-active this previous winter in marking locations or moving possible obstructions that could have caused challenges to the snow plows.

Sue Esson commented that she had contacted Fremont Township regarding the water and ice that flows down the hill near her home and causes the road to be slick. She requested a status on addressing the issue. Ms. Dodd responded that there are upcoming improvement plans for Oakdale Lane and funding has been applied for to help alleviate the cost. Projects will be addressed as funding is available and that there has been some landscaping issues that will need to be addressed to help the situation. Icing appears to be less of an issue than in the past. She also commented that Oakdale will be addressed more thoroughly once the projects in Block 2 have been completed.

Rose Brisske commented that Fremont Township has been beyond professional, nice, and helpful and expressed her thanks.

Carol Hamilton commented that she has observed many vehicles speeding and not stopping at stop signs, especially on West Shore Drive and particularly at night time, creating a dangerous situation. Ms. Dodd responded that she has met with the WSPC board regarding this issue. Options discussed included periodically bringing in the radar speed sign, installing a blinking stop sign at the intersection, and more police presence. She requested residents to please speak to your neighbor if you see them speeding or not stopping at stop signs, or to request assistance from the Sherriff for increased patrols.


Hello everyone thanks for joining.

As you all hopefully know your West Shore Park Corp. board is mainly responsible for the protection and maintenance of the WSPC common property and the water system.


Here are the highlights of 2021.

Miller Park – Through the hard work of many volunteers Miller Park had finally received some long overdue improvements and repairs. It is a park we can be proud of. I recommend everyone check it out when you can.

The township connected the two dead ends of Forest Lane, cleaning up an unsightly area as well as making life more convenient and safer for our residents that live in that area. The connection allows for better access for emergency services as well as snow removal.

Phase one of the Forest water main project is complete, a significant step towards having a fully modern water system that will be more worry free.

Phase 2 (and final) phase of the Forest water main project is planned to begin in June. Once complete, the township will follow with some road repaving, Alicia will provide more details.

Finally, The Taylor Court law suit was finished. It ended in what I would call a split decision. There were two home owners over there that were making a claim to our property. One was successful and the other was not. My thanks to James Melledy for all his hard work on that.



President Mike Davenport presented a report from Water Commissioner Brett Laureys who could not be at the meeting.

2021 Accomplishments:

  • Planning for the 2022 Phase 2 water main replacement on Forest.

    • Gewalt Hamilton (GHA) finished the design for Phase 2.

    • Submitted permit for 2022 work (complete).

  • Repaired/replaced section of water pipe and gate valves in Well House – December 2021

  • Extra hydrant flushing due to some sediment in lines. Trying to flush more often as this is a common thing.

  • Behm vacuumed out the water main valves around the well house and WSP this fall. We have a quote or doing some additional maintenance work.

2022 Plans:

  • Phase 2 Water Main replacement on Forest Lane is tentatively scheduled to start June 1, 2022, prior to Freemont Township repaving Forest Lane,

    • Fred will later expand on the budget item that includes the 10 percent


    • $25k in paving ($12,500 split) with Fremont. That $25k is in the $210k budget.

  • Normal Water Quality Report for 2021 will come out in May/June and will be distributed to homeowners and be placed on our website.


Fred Aichele presented the Treasurer’s Report for 01/01/2022 – 01/31/2022. Items discussed included:

  • Line 6 – General Fund is -$3,809.58. The General Fund is borrowing from the water fund primarily due to the increased legal fees.

Total money on hand: $153,705.56

  • Line 10 – Water main replace fund: $90,302.97

  • Line 9 – Emergency Water: $46,134.54

  • Line 25 – Refunds/Reimburse/Grant – $21,026.00 received from insurance on legal fees for defense of counter-suit on the Taylor Lake Court case.

  • Line 44 – Water main break and valves leaking in the well-house. $7,500 unplanned emergency expense.

  • Line 51 – Legal Fees over what was anticipated.

  • Line 60 – Budgeted $7600 but spent $8382.33. This would have been higher if not for the generous donation received for the park from the volunteers who donated over the purchase and planting costs of the Krasinski memorial tree installation at Miller Park.

  • Line 61 – Block 1 beach – Budgeted $1,500.00 for tree work but nothing has been spent so far.

  • Line 62 – Block 2 beach – Includes payment of $1700 invoice from previous budget year.

  • Line 65 – Total Operating Expenses: Budgeted $78,700 / So far spent $99,478.71. Over budget primarily due to the Taylor Lake Court lawsuit.

  • Line 68 – $83,000 what was expected to be collected from current year’s dues to go towards the water main replacement fund?

  • Line 70 – $680.00 – Paid the permit fee and the balance of the design costs.

  • Line 71 – Spent $100,158.71 / Budget $161,700.00 – NOTE: $83,000 was collected and went into the replacement fund to be spent in the next fiscal year. This is the reason the disbursement is different from the budget.


Fred Aichele discussed the proposed budget and annual dues for the 2022 / 2023 fiscal year.

Fred noted that the board worked extremely hard to cut-out what could be eliminated to keep the dues no higher than the current dues.

Lines on proposed budget reviewed:

Line 42 – Well house doors & locks replacement project needs to be completed and can no longer be delayed.

Line 44 – Well house roof can be delayed another year.

Line 51 – $4,000 for anticipated legal fees and $6,000 towards repayment of general fund.

Line 60 – No additional Miller Park improvement projects planned for the coming year.

Line 61 & Line 62 – Beach projects have been deferred.

Line 68 – Put $84,000 into water tank fund.

Line 71 – Total Proposed Budget is almost the same as it is for the current year at $161,634.00. The board worked very hard to eliminate anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary to keep the dues at the same amount.

Werner Brisske clarified that the copy of Treasurer’s Report for the annual meeting that was provided to the membership incorrectly said “Proposed 2021 Budget” on Page 2 when it should read 2022.


$725    Water                                                                           $0        Water

$68      General                                                                        $68      General

$57      Beach & Park                                                              $57      Beach & Park

————————————————                     ———————————————-

$850.00                                                                                   $125.00

WESTSHORELAND:           $57.00 per home for Beach/Park

This budget was agreed upon at the Monthly Board meeting of January 3, 2022. At this meeting, Werner Brisske moved and Minaxi Tailor seconded to accept the final draft of the Proposed Budget Fiscal Year 4/01/2022 – 3/31/2023 as proposed for presentation to the WSPC membership at the annual meeting on February 20, 2022. Motion carried unanimously approved by Directors: Larry Bakirtjy, Werner Brisske, Mike Davenport, Chris Shifley, Minaxi Tailor

For comparison use only: The previous year’s annual dues for homes on the WSP Water System are as follows: 2021 – $850 / 2020 – $850 / 2019 – $786 / 2018 – $733 / 2017 – $767 / 2016 – $875 / 2015 – $652



$90,000 saved and available. Proposed dues should net $84,000. Estimate on the project is $210,000. This creates a shortfall of approximately $35,500 – how will that work?

  • $210,000 estimate includes a 10% contingency fund of $19,000 that we hope we will not need.

  • The Fremont Township paving partnership will help save in paving costs for WSPC, possibly saving an estimated $12,000 in paving costs which are included in the original estimate.

  • There may be more money available if there are no additional water main emergencies or breaks between now (end of February) and the end of our fiscal year which could add $3,000.00 to available funds.

  • The Emergency Fund has funds available if absolutely needed.


The terms of Directors Werner Brisske and Chris Shifley have expired. Both Directors are interested in continuing to serve on the WSP Corporation Board of Directors.

WSPC received two eligible nominations to be considered for the two open positions of Director.

The official, certified, candidates for Director are:

Werner Brisske (19349 W Forest Lane) – Block 2 – Two Year Term

Chris Shifley (26737 Oakdale Lane) – Block 1 – Two Year Term

 The nomination for Werner Brisske was seconded by Chuck Trampe. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.

The nomination for Chris Shifley was seconded by Dan Prezell. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.


Loretta Aidikonis expressed her thanks to the board for the work that they do and the hours that are put in. She stated that all this work is appreciated, especially the work on the water main replacement project and the budgets.

Juli Crane requested if a copy of all the existing known property easements is available. Does the association have any records that the county may not have? Mike Davenport responded that the county should have all the documents that are available. Larry Bakirtjy is currently working on collecting available surveys but has not located anything regarding easements. Mike continued that many documents are being collected and converted to digital format for ease of storage and availability and easements should be part of the document collection project.

Tracy Cornish requested to remind homeowners that personal property, including driveways, are not public access areas and should not be used to get to other roads or to go around parked vehicles if the road is blocked. She stated her driveway has been used by the public to go around   vehicles blocking Circle Drive. She has also had people cutting through her yard and leaving garbage on her property. Homeowners are reminded not to go on personal property without the express permission of the property owner.

Sue Esson stated that there has been vandalism in Miller Park and requested an update if surveillance cameras will be installed. Mike Davenport responded that the board recognizes that there are concerns and that the board has implemented measures to help deter vandalism while staying within the current budget. Mike Davenport stressed that if anyone sees activity in the Park that is concerning to please call the Lake County Sherriff’s Department.

Mike Davenport thanked Larry Bakirtjy for his work in cleaning graffiti off the water-tank.


Dan Prezell moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Holly Kim and unanimously approved by a voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 2:41p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilee .C. Rusiniak, Secretary