2023 02 Minutes Feb Annual Mtg — Draft



February 19, 2023



Directors: Larry Bakirtjy, Werner Brisske, Mike Davenport, Chris Shifley

Treasurer: Fred Aichele

Secretary:  Marilee C.C. Rusiniak

Commissioners: Angelo Cangialosi (Block 2 Beach), Dan Prezell (Block 1 Beach), Brett Laureys (Water)

Members: 31 present and 30 proxies


The annual meeting called to order at 1:30 p.m. on February 19, 2023 by President, Mike Davenport.



  • Successful in adding appx. $370,000 in the state capital budget earmarked for the Fremont Township Highway Department for roadway improvements in the West Shoreland West Shore Park and Oak Terrace neighborhoods in the state capital budget and that money will be released to be available to the highway department later this year.
  • Update from IDOT about the Illinois Route 60 Route 83 expansion. IDOT has completed preliminary engineering and environmental studies for the improvement of route 60/83 from Illinois 176 to Diamond Lake Road. The project is currently included in the fiscal year 2023 – 2028 proposed highway improvement program. The improvement is currently planned to be constructed by two separate contracts with the North and South section split between Midlothian Rd. Current engineering efforts for both contracts are targeting the start of construction in the later years of the multi-year program, closer to 2028 upon plan readiness, land acquisition, and funding availability for future annual appropriations. The land acquisition processes in the plan preparation phase with title commitments having been obtained and 70% of the plan completed for the northern section of the project. Anticipate the plans for the northern section will be at 100% by mid April. The work order for the southern section is expected sometime in the June timeframe.

  • Anyone who would like more information may contact Mr. Dietrich who will connect you with people who are working on the project.


  • Thank you for your patience in the last couple years.
  • Highway department blessed with funding from multiple sources and we really could not have afforded many of these projects without these funds.
  • Focus on ways that improve the roadways and also improve the community as well as the health of the lake.
  • Storm sewer plan for Circle and Oakdale. Much of the storm sewer that is in place is on private property and that is an issue because of maintenance and easements. Much is not in great condition either filling with roots and/or lower quality pipe. Circle/Oakdale storm sewer fix will take the water down to West Shore Drive and then over to the creek. Some areas will include a new curb for erosion control and better drainage to go in this year or possibly next year.
  • West Shore Drive and Block 1 may be paved next year.

Tracy Cornish asked if there are any plans to widen the roads in any areas. Answer: No. There is an area that is under consideration to widen, but Fremont Township is hindered by the narrow roadways. They are in the process of acquiring additional right of way in some areas. Tracy also requested to have the road in front of her home widened as a safety precaution.

Carol Hamilton requested if road obstructions will be addressed and if mailboxes and landscaping will be restored. Answer: There were areas in Block 2 where obstructions were removed and one section of Fairview Drive was widened. It was stated that Fremont Township does try to correct those issues because it’s better for plowing.

Mike Davenport asked if Block 1 homeowners would be able to have paved parking pads along the street added as was done in Block 2. Answer: Notices were sent out to homeowners who had parking areas already established. Each homeowner reimbursed Fremont Township for the portion that is private verses public use. We had 7-8 homeowners who participated in that and it will probably be offered again. Driveways are not included. Street adjacent parking pads only. Paving is scheduled for 2024.

  • Mapping of water system. Many inconsistencies in WSP on where buffalo boxes (BBs) are located. Working with Swanson to locate in block one. Marking with blue flags and blue paint. This will benefit our highway department and homeowners who will have access to the maps when available.
  • Tom Pilewski commented that the paving in Block 2 turned out real good. He also stated that the tight S curve by Lewandowsky Park is an area where cars come around those curves and drift right down the center. Alicia Dodd stated that the center line will be repainted in the summer because it dries a lot quicker than when it’s cooler. Another possibility is something a little bit more permanent
  • Fred Aichele thanked Fremont Township for paving past the pillars outside Lewandowsky Park as the paving was falling apart.
  • Juli Crain requested if the information that Fremont Township is obtaining on the water main be made available to planning and development? Answer: Yes
  • Sue Esson asked why driveways cannot be paved and only parking pads? Answer: Paving pricing from the contractors only includes the roads and they are not expected to do driveways because it is not efficient for time or price. Parking pads are in the right of way and fairly easy to do versus a driveway.
  • Water Commissioner Brett Laureys issued a thank you to Alicia Dodd for all the help on locating BBs. Brett called for volunteers to help Fremont Township continue to locate and mark BBs. Brett stressed that knowing where BBs are located is important if there is an emergency where the water to a house has to be shut off and the location of the BB is unknown, buried, or paved over. Knowing where they are located and ensuring they work correctly is extremely important. Brett expressed to homeowners to please help find and mark your BB if possible. Requested volunteers to help locate and mark BBs to assist Fremont Township. (Tracey Cornish and Phil Yaffee volunteered.)
  • Rose Brisske expressed her thanks to Fremont Township and Alicia Dodd for always being friendly and happy to problem solve.

Alicia Dodd reported for Fremont Township Supervisor, Diana O’Kelly:

  • Early voting starting March 20th at Fremont Township office
  • Document shredding is May 13th.

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Mike Davenport invited any members new to the neighborhood since the 2020 annual meeting to introduce themselves. Welcome to new members:

Carrie and Lawrence Colvin. Scott and Sarah Spread. Roger and Judy Mankus. Cindy Combes. Ben and Christy Arditti.


The directors, treasurer, secretary, and commissioners in attendance introduced themselves.


Dan Prezell moved and Carrie Colvin seconded that the minutes of February 20, 2022 be approved as presented. The motion passed unanimously.


I wanted to thank everyone for coming since the last two years were virtual and it would have been very easy just to stay home. It’s always a concern every year whether to get enough proxies and people for a quorum; I guess this year we blew the numbers, right?

It’s spring, we had a nice January and you know, seeing a lot of people out, kind of clawing our way out of the pandemic and seeing more people outside, and we were doing some more social stuff including food trucks. I’m looking forward to a lot more that kind of stuff next year. One of the things that struck me at a couple of the food truck nights is how many members attended. I’ve been here 37 years that I’m looking around at a lot of people I didn’t know. I really like to have us all getting to do these things and get to know each other a little better.

Some of the highlights of last year that we should talk about: We finished up the Forest Lane water projects following with the paving. So if you don’t live in Block 2, drive through there, and if you haven’t driven through there, please do. They are really nice roads. Block One-ers are very jealous, but our time is coming for when we get our roads and they’re going to be two years newer than yours.

Rose Brisske will talk about a little bit of what the hospitality team has planned and some ideas and I’m glad that’s back.

Going forward, there is a little bit more work to do in Miller Park. We’ve got some bolts to tighten up and some paint to do, but you know it’s in pretty good shape. We’ve got some updating and repairs budgeted for the well house. We have to keep our water system in good shape. And just down the road we have some capital projects. The Forest Lane project was a big project done in two phases. Down the road, we have to start thinking about seawalls. The sea walls are aging and we have to start looking at that, but there’s nothing imminent.

Thank you.


Thank you for your patience with all the work going on in Block 2 and the Forest Lane project the last couple years. It went well and saved approximately $6,000 on the budget with Fremont Township pitching in for the final paving and patching. Other items included valve replacements and graffiti on the water tank. Thank you to Larry Bakirtjy for taking care of that about a year ago.

We’ve had a number of buffalo box (BB) issues with people losing water to their house and having to dig those up and fix their BB. The BB project is to locate and ensure that BBs are working in case water has to be shut off to a home as a backup for all the homeowners. We are working with Fremont Township on this project. Once it is completed for Block 1 we will go back and complete it for Block 2. We ask the homeowners to find it if they know where it’s at on their property. Volunteers working with Fremont Township and Swanson will try to help locate

with metal detection and then we have to start digging to try to find them if we cannot easily

locate them.

Most items we have to take care of them as we go. Recently, we lost water pressure. We have a switch gear in the well house that transfers power. If the power goes out, there’s an automatic transfer that kicks our generator on. That transfer box had some had some stuff that failed inside it and we lost power to the switch and then lost water pressure. We’re fine right now, but if we lose power again, we will have to manually switch over to the generator and that will take a little more time. Currently, we’re getting quotes to fix it or possibly replace it.

Our generator is very old and we’re looking at approximately $60,000 to replace. We’re maintaining the one we have, but replacement is something that’s going to have to be budgeted for. My opinion is our water system is a valuable asset to this community and it’s a lot cheaper than paying for Mundelein water as we probably pay less than half of what Mundelein residents are charged for water. It’s not just water when you consider the cost it would be to convert from our well to Mundelein water when everyone would have a water meter on their house.

Mike Davenport asked if the valves are tested or exercised monthly. Answer:
I don’t know if it gets tested monthly and maybe in the future they can do that. I know that they use it. We try to once, maybe twice a year depending on how water is, to flush our system as part of normal maintenance. When they flush it, they automatically do a transfer switch because we use our generator power.

We have three wells in West Shore Park located in the Miller Park. Those wells pump water into our water tank. Those wells we run at night because our electricity at night is a tenth of the cost if we run it during the day. So when we do hydrant flushing, we have to actually fill the tank as they’re flushing because there is so much water going out. They use the generator so that we’re not paying for electricity. So the valves and switches do get exercised. We have a maintenance company that keeps up with it, but. It’s getting to be a matter of time before replacement as the generator is very old.

Juli Crane commented that while in the process of getting a permit from Lake County Planning, Building, and Development for some work on her house, she was contacted by the county and told they didn’t have any record that WSPC is on their own water system. Brett responded that there is some misunderstanding with some of the personnel at the county level in not understanding the WSPC water system. He stated that there have been many instances of miscommunication between Lake County, Fremont Township, Countryside Fire District, and WSPC and it remains a frustrating situation.

Larry Bakirtjy expressed his thanks to Brett Laureys for the work and hours put in on the Forest Lane project and all his hard work over the years.


Dan thanked the volunteers who put out the raft and put out the ropes and those that help get Block 1 beach ready for summer. Reported that grass cutting cost went up slightly. 


Angelo stated that he had previously reported issues with the seawall by Block 2 beach

including a report of a chunk of metal that is sticking out of the ground that may be an injury hazard. He also stated that he had reported that the sea wall currently has a hole in at the bottom that is allowing water to erode the shoreline. Temporary fixes had been done but a permanent fix is required.


Fred Aichele presented the Treasurer’s Report for 01/01/2023 – 01/31/2023. Items discussed included:

Total money on hand: $53,540.31

  • Line 9 – Emergency Water – Had to transfer $5,868.07 to Forest water main fund to make up shortfall.
  • Line 45 – Water Line Repair – Three houses with buffalo box issues – remove/repair/replace/install – $9,000.00

Replace main valve on Prospect. Repair leaking main valve WSD at Forest (near Miller Park). Replace main valve box on Oakdale total $8,450.00. Paid Fremont for road patch on Oakdale where valve box was replaced $120.00.

  • Line 51 – Legal Fees – 2022 Budget includes $6,000 to repay 2021 negative general fund – in 2021 had to borrow from water fund.


Fred Aichele discussed the proposed budget and annual dues for the 2023 / 2024 fiscal year.

  • Line 42 – Water/Well Maintenance – 2022 budget included repairing well house doors and rekeying locks $1,400
  • Line 44 – Well Repair/Upgrade – Well house roof $3,500 generator load bank test $2,000 pipe repair $3,000 BBox locates $5,000
  • Line 45 – Water Line Repair – Repair/Replace Block 1 valves before road paving $20,000 – Breaks, etc. $8,000.
  • Line 49 – Supplies/postage/website/etc. – Website $1,900 renew hosting for 5 years
  • Line 51 – Expected issues with title and survey issues
  • Line 59 – Block 1 Beach – Price increase and add 2 mowings $500/year – Survey $2,500 – Sign $100 (2022 had no sand in budget)
  • Line 60 – Block 2 Beach – Price increase and add 2 mowings $800/year  – Paver edge repair $1,000 – Seaweed cleanup $400 (2022 had no sand in budget)
  • Line 61 – Miller Park – Price increase and add 2 mowings $800/year – Sand and mulch $600 – Sign $100
  • Line 67 – Forest project complete
  • Line 68 – Reimbursement to Emergency Fund taken for water main project

Fred Aichele noted that WSPC spent 5 years collecting the money for the water tank project which was almost a half a million dollars. Following that, there was two/three years collecting the money for the Forest water main project. For many years the WSPC board, officers, and commissioners were pressured by the membership to keep the dues down. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the problem that WSPC does not currently have enough money for some of the other long term items/projects (generator switch and seawall) which wear out over time. Some items have been deferred longer than desired and are now in desperate need of being addressed and the WSPC needs to budget for the stuff that’s going to wear out without raising the dues too high.

There was a discussion regarding keeping the dues higher to be able to fund these projects. Fred Aichele explained that the budget has to be completed and distributed to the membership 30 days prior to the annual meeting. The monthly board meetings, beginning in September and continuing through December, include budget discussions and determine where the money is spent and the annual dues amount. For some, “proposed” budget may not be the proper title for the budget that is presented at the annual meeting as it cannot be revised at that point. The budget is finalized during the January board meeting, presented for review by the membership at the annual meeting, and adopted by the directors immediately following the annual meeting.


$501    Water                                                                           $0        Water

$70      General                                                                        $70      General

$99      Beach & Park                                                              $99      Beach & Park

————————————————                     ———————————————-

$670.00                                                                                   $169.00

WESTSHORELAND:           $99.00 per home for Beach/Park

Note: This budget was accepted at the regular monthly board meeting of January 9, 2023. At this meeting, Minaxi Tailor moved and Larry Bakirtjy seconded to accept the final draft of the Proposed Budget Fiscal Year 4/01/2023 – 3/31/2024 as proposed for presentation to the WSPC membership at the annual meeting on February 19, 2023. Motion carried unanimously approved by Directors: Larry Bakirtjy, Mike Davenport, Chris Shifley, and Minaxi Tailor

For comparison use only: The previous year’s annual dues for homes on the WSP Water System are as follows: 2022 – $850 / 2021 – $850 / 2020 – $850 / 2019 – $786 / 2018 – $733 / 2017 – $767 / 2016 – $875


The terms of Directors Larry Bakirtjy, Mike Davenport, and Minaxi Tailor have expired. These Directors are interested in continuing to serve on the WSP Corporation Board of Directors.

WSPC received three eligible nominations to be considered for the three open positions of Director.

The official, certified, candidates for Director are:

Larry Bakirtjy (26713 Oakdale Lane) – Block 1 – Two Year Term

Minaxi Tailor (19303 W Forest Labe) – Block 2 – Two Year Term

Mike Davenport (28830 Circle Drive) – At-Large – Two Year Term

The nomination for Larry Bakirtjy was seconded by Dan Prezell. Approved by a majority voice vote.

The nomination for Minaxi Tailor was seconded by Rose Brisske. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.

The nomination for Mike Davenport was seconded by Tracey Cornish. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.


Rose Brisske presented information for the new West Shore Park Between the Pillars Social Committee and private Facebook group. The committee has been formed by members Rose Brisske and Clare Crotty. The committee will meet to plan and organize events for West Shore Park. Taco Truck Thursdays began in 2022 and was a very large success and it is planned for the summer of 2023. The possibility of different food trucks is being discussed by the committee. Other events include a neighborhood garage sale (tentatively scheduled for September) book club, trivia contest, block party, pot luck, bingo, and many other events. Please look for “Between the Pillars WSP” on Facebook and request to join. Committee meetings will be announced in the FB group.

Werner Brisske announced that a large grill cover ended up in his yard during an extremely windy storm. Please contact Werner if you lost a grill cover.

It was reiterated that monthly board meeting are open to all members and the meeting dates are listed in the minutes and are on the website.

Dan Prezell thanked Fred Aichele for his (almost) 40 years of volunteer service to WSP. Fred has been the treasurer for 39+ years. Thank you, Fred!


Angelo Cangialosi moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Chuck Trampe and unanimously approved by a voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 2:56 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilee C.C. Rusiniak, Secretary