2022 04 Minutes Apr Final



April 4, 2022


Directors: Larry Bakirtjy, Mike Davenport, Minaxi Tailor

Treasurer: Fred Aichele

Secretary: Marilee C.C. Rusiniak

Members: Tracey Cornish


The meeting was called to order on April 4, 2022 at 7:01 p.m. at Countryside Fire Station #1, 801 S. Midlothian Road, Mundelein, Illinois 60060 by President Mike Davenport.


Minaxi Tailor moved that the minutes from the Regular Board of Directors Meeting of March 7, 2022 be approved as corrected. The motion was seconded by Larry Bakirtjy. Unanimously approved.


Tracy Cornish requested if permission was required from the West Shore Park Corporation board prior to a homeowner installing solar panels. Permission is not required from the WSPC board. The homeowner will need to work with Fremont Township and Lake County to ensure any permits and requirements for installation are met on the township and county level prior to installation. There was a question regarding any possible restrictions by WSP relating to “hotels, daycares, businesses, etc.” being operated in West Shore Park. There is language in the Covenants (which should be attached to each individual property deed for homes in West Shore Park) that address that matter.


Mike Davenport reported that a response was received from a homeowner who had been contacted regarding a fence-type structure on the homeowner’s property. The homeowner will be removing what they stated was a temporary dog pen when they move out of their residence this year. There was a review and discussion regarding the homeowners who have received letters addressing fence-type structures on their property. Additional letters may be sent with personal follow-up from the board.


Fred Aichele presented the Treasurer’s Report for 3/01/2022 – 3/31/2022. This report closes the fiscal year on 3/31/2022. Larry Bakirtjy moved and Minaxi Tailor seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be approved as submitted. Unanimously approved.

Fred Aichele reported on several matters:

  • ComEd bill is higher due to having to run the pump more on the shallow well.

  • Licenses for both beaches have been paid ($231.00 each) and the licenses will be posted at the entrance to each beach.

  • The General Fund shows -$5,389.47 for the end of the fiscal year. Tracy Cornish asked if the General Fund will be replenished once all the dues are collected. Fred responded that yes – the General Fund amount will be positive again once the new budget is in place and dues are collected.

  • Fred has attempted to follow-up on some questions regarding the fiduciary bond and does not yet have any new information to report.

  • Received $100 donation that is specifically to go towards the maintenance and improvement of the rain garden.

  • It was stated that follow-up is needed on the weeding service for Miller Park to determine if the service should already be covered under general mowing service contract. A review of what is expected under the mowing service to ensure all areas are covered and being completed as expected.


Presented by Fred Aichele. Review and discussion followed. Accounts are in balance with any differences accounted for. Accounting and cash balance reconcile.



Added items:

  • Review and confirm who has necessary keys to “April Action Items”.

  • Review and confirm / update who has access to Google Drive / Documents Files.

Question raised by Larry Bakirtjy: Do we have “On-Boarding/Exit Review” for new and exiting Directors and Officers? There is a Directors Handbook and a loose out-line of expectations available in the Rules and Regulations, but there is no official document available that details the descriptions and expectations, or one that has been created expressly for new or exiting Directors and Officers.


Larry Bakirtjy expressed his thanks to the homeowner who moved the wood pile that was on WSP Common Property.

Mike Davenport reported for Water commissioner Brett Laureys that the contractor for Phase 2 of the Forest Lane Water Main Project has recommended purchasing necessary materials as early as possible to lock in lower pricing as the cost of materials has been steadily rising and availability may falter.

There was a review and discussion of the Phase 2 Proposed Estimated Contract Cost which confirmed that current spending is still under budget.

Larry Bakirtjy moved that the Phase 2 Forest Lane Water Main Replacement proposed contract estimated cost received from Behm Enterprises, submitted from Water Commissioner, Brett Laureys, be accepted as presented by Mike Davenport. Minaxi Tailor seconded the motion. Unanimously approved by Directors Larry Bakirtjy, Mike Davenport, and Minaxi Tailor.



Minaxi Tailor moved that the meeting be adjourned. Larry Bakirtjy seconded the motion. Unanimously approved. The meeting was adjourned at 7:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilee C.C. Rusiniak, Secretary

The board entered Executive Session at 7:45p.m.


  • May 2, 2022 – Regularly Scheduled Monthly Board Meeting

  • June 6, 2022 – Regularly Scheduled Monthly Board Meeting

  • July 11, 2022 – Regularly Scheduled Monthly Board Meeting

All monthly meetings are held at Countryside Fire Station #1, 801 S. Midlothian Rd., Mundelein, IL 60060 at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Meetings will be held via Zoom in the event that Covid-19 Mitigation Measures are put into place and meeting rooms may not host gatherings. Dates and time and location are subject to change. All homeowners are encouraged to attend the monthly board meetings. Please contact any member of the board or check the website for updated information regarding meeting location.


Name                                       Month/Year Term Expires

Werner Brisske, Block 2           February 2024

Mike Davenport, At Large        February 2023

Minaxi Tailor, Block 2              February 2023

Chris Shifley, Block 1               February 2024

Larry Bakirtjy, Block 1             February 2023


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