2017 02 Minutes Feb Annual Final



FEBRUARY 19, 2017


Directors: Cheryl Moss, Chris Shifley, Nicki Sullivan

Treasurer: Fred Aichele

Secretary:  Marilee C.C. Wald

Commissioners: Angelo Cangialosi, Brett Laureys, Dan Prezell

Members: 31 present and 18 proxies

Others: Chuck Bartels, Lake County Board Member, District 10; Teresa Bartels; Bill Grinnell, Fremont Township Highway Commissioner; Eric Foote, Lake County Community Development Planner; Ralph Dillon (West Shoreland resident)



Director, Nicki Sullivan introduced, Chuck Bartels, Lake County Board Member, District 10.

Some of the topics discussed by Mr. Bartels included:

  • Bartels has been on the Lake County Board for over 2.5 years.

  • Lake County Board and staff are knowledgeable and responsive and he encourages Lake County residents to express their concerns and ask questions. If he does not have an answer to your question he will refer to the person or department that may be able to provide the information.

  • Encouraging people at the Annual Meeting to pick-up literature he brought to the meeting.

  • Encouraging people to sign up for his email newsletter:


  • 60/83 reconstruction information including updates on the process and upcoming meeting dates are available in the newsletter and on his website. He encourages resident’s input on these projects:


  • The Lake County budget has been approved and there was no increase.

  • No new positions to the Lake County Board have been added and no new initiatives are scheduled.

  • Early retirement options became available and a restructuring of the staff and responsibilities has helped reduce costs.

  • $500 million in projects are ahead and will be heavily invested in county roads.

  • Intersection of 60/83 in Ivanhoe will be reconfigured. Funding provided by the state, village and sales tax.

  • Projects may take between 8-10 years from beginning to completion, including necessary studies and permit reviews and approvals.

  • Mark Steward remarked that 60/83 at the railroad tracks near Diamond Lake road is very rough and needs repair. He requested when that will be completed and remarked that it has been a short time since the crossing was last repaired and questioned why it needs to be repaired again so soon. Mr. Bartels replied that the number of trains using the tracks and the weight of the trains contributes to the rapid deterioration of the road. The amount of traffic on 60/83 also contributes to the deterioration of the crossing. He also replied that the railroad companies are in charge of keeping the crossings in good repair.

  • Lisa Yaffee expressed her concern about the amount of trash she has seen along the roads and commented that there appears to be more than usual. She asked who is responsible for trash clean-up. Mr. Bartels responded that the state is responsible for trash clean-up along the highway and that there are volunteer opportunities for people to assist with clean-up with the Adopt-A-Highway program. Bill Grinell responded that with the mild winter and no snow cover there appears to be more trash this winter than in previous years. He also expressed that Fremont Township will help collect the trash along the highways as needed and that he will contact the necessary state departments responsible for scheduling a clean-up along 60/83.


Diana O’Kelly, Fremont Township Supervisor was not able to make her scheduled appearance at the meeting.

Residents are encouraged to contact Diana O’Kelly with concerns and issues. Residents can receive Lake County News, by emailing her: [email protected]


Director, Nicki Sullivan introduced Fremont Township Highway Commissioner, Bill Grinnell.

Some of the topics discussed by Mr. Grinnell included:

  • Mild winter and that there has been little snow removal/salting of the roads.

  • Improvements at Circle Drive and Grove are moving forward.

            WSPS easement agreement is needed.

            Permits have been secured.

            Work scheduled to begin in March 2017.

  • Paving has been scheduled for Countryside Lake. If the project goes well the repaving of Circle Drive will be considered for this year.

  • Plans for Fremont Center Road to be straightened to improve safety.

  • Plans to restructure the intersection of Midlothian and Gilmer.

  • Reminded residents to bring fallen branches from the recent wind storms to the edge of their property for pick-up.

  • Reported that the new pickle ball courts at Behm Park are a big hit.

Please contact Bill Grinnell at [email protected] for more information or to report road conditions and other highway concerns.



Director, Nicki Sullivan introduced Lake County Community Development Planner Grant Administration Specialist, Eric Foote.

Several WSP members have made inquiries on the application process and to request help to determine if they qualify for funds that would help pay for their portion of the water tank installation. $23,000 in Federal grant money is available for low/moderate income households in WSP. Approximately 5 applications have been received. Money is available to go towards present and future dues or to reimburse past, association dues. Information on income will not be shared outside the application process.

The REVISED deadline to submit the application and supporting documentation to the Lake County Community Development office is 4pm on Friday, March 31, 2017.

For more information on the grant, or to request assistance with the application process, please contact:

Eric Foote, Grant Administration Specialist, at 847-377-7732 or [email protected]

Monika Bobo, Housing Grant Administration Specialist, at 847-377-2152 [email protected]

James Melledy, West Short Park President, at [email protected]

Be sure to identify yourself as a West Shore Park Resident.


The annual meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM on February 19, 2017 by Director, Nicki Sullivan at Countryside Fire Station #1, 801 S. Midlothian Road.



Ozzy Savon (University Drive) introduced himself.

Rose Brisske (Forest Lane) introduced herself.


The directors, treasurer, secretary, and commissioners in attendance introduced themselves.


Dan Prezell moved and Angelo Cangialosi seconded that the minutes of February 16, 2016 be approved as presented. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.


President, James Melledy was not able to attend the annual meeting. His report was read by Secretary, Marilee C.C. Wald.


2017 WSPC Annual Meeting

I apologize for not being at the annual meeting this year.

I have been on the board for over 13 years and as President, I am honored to get this chance to formally thank all the people who volunteer much of their time to make this neighborhood as nice and wonderful as it is.

I want to first thank all the board members for their time and efforts throughout the year.  I appreciate all the personal time volunteered to be on the board and the passion and concern that each member has for the position and the WSPC community.

I want to thank one board member in particular this year.  Gina Rundall for her time served as a board member over the last several years.  This was Gina’s last term as a board member.  Beyond her time on the board, Gina for years has always volunteered her time and resources to working on WSPC property as well as helping distribute WSPC documents to the members.  Gina was instrumental in the Block II Beach renovation and the annual constant maintenance required to keep the beach property clean and beautiful.  Thank You Gina Rundall.

I want to thank all the commissioners that donate their time and efforts to making sure that we all live in such a beautiful neighborhood.  I want thank:

  • Bruce Brodzik – Pier Commissioner

  • John Retzinger and Angelo Cangialosi – Beach Commissioners

  • Chris Shifley and Dan Prezell – Parks

  • Brenda Prezell and Patty Melledy – Public Relations

  • Brett Laureys and Mike Davenport – Water

I want to especially thank Brett Laureys for his Herculean effort of managing the water tank project.  Most Home Owner Associations and municipalities would pay large amounts of money for someone in Brett’s position to manage a project this large.  WSPC is very lucky to have someone with his experience and talents to shepherd this five year long effort from the inspection phase to final completion.  Thank You Brett.

If I missed anyone I apologize.

I want to thank Marilee Wald for over 11 years of service as the secretary of WSPC.  The amount of work that is required to be the secretary is daunting.  Her accuracy, detail and organization with the meeting minutes is remarkable.  Thank You Marilee.

My last Thank You is for Treasurer, Fred Aichele.  Fred is now starting his 35th year as treasurer of WSPC.  Treasurer, is probably the most important position in WSPC.  Fred’s attention to detail is remarkable, he never misses a beat or makes a mistake.  Fred also takes care of the web site and provides a historical perspective of WSPC that is instrumental in decisions made by the board.  Thank You Very Much Fred.

I want to also thank all the volunteers that have come out throughout the year for the beach and park clean ups and the special events.  There are too many to name.   I can probably go to each house in the neighborhood and thank each person for some volunteer service they have performed over the years that benefitted WSPC.  Beside the great location of the neighborhood to the lake and its unique beauty, it is the people that make this community special and the reason I love living here.  Thank You all for your volunteer efforts to help maintain and keep improving the neighborhood.

The big construction event this year was the moving of the Highland Terrace in Block II.  The Construction was done quickly and went smoothly without incident.

This year the big construction project will be the construction of the water tank.  Brett Laureys will be giving a briefing of the status of the water tank project later in the meeting.

Another topic I wanted to touch on was damage to WSPC property and trespassing.  Over the years trespassing has been a constant problem at the Block II beach.  For the most part, neighbors chase non-residents out without incident.  This year there have been a couple of incidents which escalated a little more than anyone wants to have happen where someone may have gotten hurt.  The board wants to remind people if there is ever anyone on WSPC that you suspect should not be there please call the sheriff.  No one wants to see anyone get into a situation which may get someone hurt.  Calling the sheriff will help alleviate the immediate problem so no member has to be put at risk.  But more importantly it will also establish with the sheriff that there is a trespassing problem in WSPC, which will hopefully bring the sheriff to the neighborhood more often to establish more of a police presence.  Please do not confront anyone that you think may appear to be a threat.

Another incident at Block II Beach was the vandalism of a memorial plaque made by a member of WSPC for another longtime member dear to the hearts of Block II and WSPC residents.  The plaque appeared to be unscrewed from the south Block II pier and removed.   This incident was very disheartening and frustrating.  Again, please call the sheriff is you see someone that does not belong on WSPC property.  Hopefully, more police presence will deter people from performing vandalism on WSPC property.

If anyone has any ideas on how to help keep trespassers off of WSPC please contact the board.


Fred Aichele presented the Treasurer’s Report for 01/01/2017 – 01/31/2017. Items discussed included:

  • Line 44 – Well Repair/Upgrade: Unplanned replacement of well-house controller.

  • Line 45 – Water Line Repair: Expenses for valves, buffalo boxes and leak repairs.

  • Line 51 – Legal Fees: Some of the fees spent on delinquent accounts were recouped.

  • Line 60 – Miller Park: Mowing, leaf clean-up and paint.

  • Line 61 – Block I Beach: Mowing and port-a-potty.

  • Line 62 – Block II Beach: Mowing and sand.

  • Line 7 – Beach/Park Fund: Includes the $6,000.00 shoreline repair fund.

  • Line 9 – Emergency Water Fund**: Includes the $239,258.00 tank replacement fund.


Water Commissioner, Brett Laureys reported on the water tank replacement project and current water situations.

Brett Discussed the Ground Storage Tank Replacement – Proposed Project Schedule received from RHMG Engineers in December 2016. The schedule has been copied here for reference:

Design Phase:

Finalize Plans & Specifications: February 2017 through April 2017


Submittal / Milestone Dates:

April 10, 2017 Submit Site Plan to Lake County Planning and Building

May 15, 2017 Submit Plans & Specifications to IEPA for Permitting

June 26, 2017 Advertise for Construction Bids

July 10, 2017 Receive and Open Construction Bids

July 17, 2017 Award Construction Bid

Anticipated Construction Schedule:

Tank Shop Drawings: 4 weeks July 24th through August 18th

Tank Fabrication: 6 weeks August 21th through September 29th

Tank Delivery & Erection: 3 weeks October 2nd through October 20th

System Start-Up: 1 week October 23rd through October 27th

Note: During shop drawing and tank fabrication phase site work will be performed and the temporary water supply system will be installed.


Brett explained that work on Forest Lane is currently needed, but that the water tank requires the majority of focus and funds at this time.

The water tank replacement project has been underway for approximately 5 years now including the studies and the budget preparations.

The preliminary design estimate included a 20% contingency for a cost increase. The final bids still need to be solicited and reviewed before the final cost can be determined.

A temporary water-tank will be installed, possibly in October 2017, and will necessitate the closing of Miller Park until the project is completed.

Mark Dickey asked if the size of the new water tank will be the same as the current water tank. Brett replied that the tank will be the same size. Stainless steel tanks have been considered. There will be additional required safety equipment on the new tank and it will have to be painted.

Tom Pilewski asked who handles the bidding process to award the construction contract. Brett replied that the process is handled by the engineering firm, RHMG.

Tom Pilewski asked if there are additional requirements that we have to adhere to considering that we will be receiving some federal funds to pay for the tank construction. Brett responded that there are no additional requirements.

Mark Steward commented that graffiti on the current tank is currently a problem and questioned how we can reduce it. Brett answered that there is paint to help make graffiti removal easier. Installing security lights and cameras to prevent vandalism is also a possibility.

Brett stated that the well-house needs new paint and should be assessed for a new roof.

Lisa Yaffee requested how much of the current assessment goes towards the water tank and asked if the assessments will be reduced once the new water tank installation is complete.

Fred Aichele explained that the $875 of the 2016 Association Dues included $424 which was marked towards the Water Tank Replacement Fund.

Brett answered that there is a possibility the assessment will go down after this project is complete but cautioned that there are other water projects that have been pushed off because of the expense of the water tank replacement project. He also commented that we have been fortunate that the weather has been mild for 2016/2017 which has resulted in fewer water main breaks from severe cold temperatures.

Tom Pilewski stated that the WSPC yearly association dues are lower overall than water service charges from the Village of Mundelein and that what we pay is an incredible deal.

Nicki Sullivan read the information she had received when she had investigated Mundelein water charges. The information she gathered was originally reported at the 2016 Annual Meeting. The average cost of water for the residents of the Village of Mundelein in December 2015 resulted in a monthly minimum charge of $47.04 for 4500 gallons and under. ($564.48 per year.) The “typical” 2015 yearly residential average (obtained from an internal Village of Mundelein report shared with Mrs. Sullivan) is $109.76 per month (equal to 10,500 gallons) or $1,317.12/ year.


Fred Aichele discussed the adopted budget and annual dues for the 2017 / 2018 fiscal year.


$651    Water                                                                           $0        Water

$61      General                                                                        $61      General

$55      Beach & Park                                                              $55      Beach & Park

————————————————                                 ——————————————————-

$767.00                                                                                   $116.00

This budget was adopted at the Monthly Board Meeting of January 9, 2017.  At this meeting, Nicki Sullivan moved and Gina Rundall seconded to accept the final draft of the Proposed Budget Fiscal Year 4/01/2017 – 3/31/2018 as proposed for presentation to the WSPC membership at the annual meeting. Unanimously approved by Directors: James Melledy, Gina Rundall, Chris Shifley and Nicki Sullivan.

For comparison use only: The previous year’s annual dues for homes on the WSP Water System are as follows: 2016 – $875 / 2015 – $652 / 2014 – $649 / 2013 – $654 / 2012 – $495 / 2011 – $779 / 2010 – $757


Chris Shifley and Nicki Sullivan discussed that both beaches are in need of new sand. Several improvement projects have been delayed because of the increased expense to set aside money for the new water-tank installation and a few of those projects are tentatively planned for 2017/2018.

Fred Aichele commented that tree removal and care is no longer a separate line item and is now included as part of the individual Block I Beach, Block II Beach, and Miller Park budget lines.

Mike Davenport questioned if the cost of landscape restoration from damage in Miller Park as a result of the temporary water-tank and new tank installation will have to be paid for by WSPC. Brett Laureys responded that landscape restoration has been built into the estimate and will be completed by the construction company after the water-tank installation and removal of the temporary tank is completed.


The terms of Directors Nicki Sullivan and Gina Rundall have expired. Gina Rundall will not be seeking another term. Nicki Sullivan is interested in continuing to serve on the WSP Corporation Board of Directors.

WSPC received two eligible nominations to be considered for the two open positions of Director.

Each candidate was asked to introduce themselves.

The official, certified candidates for Director are:

Nicki Sullivan (26671 N Oakdale Lane) – Two Year Term

The nomination for Nicki Sullivan was seconded by Lisa Yaffee. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.

Sharon Zink (26893 Circle Drive) – Two Year Term

The nomination for Sharon Zink was seconded by Dan Prezell. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.




Director, Nicki Sullivan introduced West Shoreland resident, Ralph Dillon.

Mr. Dillon requested being able to speak at the WSPC Annual meeting to express his opinion on topics being reviewed by residents of West Shoreland:

  • Reported that the proposed Graham Annexation has been halted. The property is located in unincorporated Lake County at the intersection of Route 83/60 and Midlothian Road will not be expanded.

  • Dillon encouraged WSP residents to express opposition to the Village of Mundelein for the 3 acre truck stop that has been proposed for the vacant property across the street from the Graham gas station at the intersection of Route 83/60 and Midlothian Road. Mr. Dillon expressed his concerns including increased traffic, noise, and exhaust fumes.

  • Dillon reported that there are several new residents in West Shoreland and requested that WSP residents to be friendly and inviting to the new West Shoreland residents when they use the beaches and the parks.

  • Dillon reported that highly poisonous brown recluse spiders have been spotted in Lake County and to seek medical attention immediately if bitten by one.

  • Dillon reported that the ordinances to allow backyard chickens and chicken coops in Wauconda have recently been under review. Mr. Dillon requested that WSP review the local ordinances regarding chickens and chicken coops in WSP.

  • Dillon thanked the WSP board and the people in attendance for allowing him to speak. He concluded that the WSP annual meeting is run well and he has enjoyed attending the meetings and observing the manner that WSP residents cooperate with each other.


Dan Prezell moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Gail Kersten and unanimously approved by a voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 2:52 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilee C.C. Wald, Secretary