2015 02 Ann Mtg Minutes Feb final



February 22, 2015


Directors: Tabatha Curtis, Susan Frank, James Melledy, Dan Prezell, Gina Rundall

Treasurer: Fred Aichele

Secretary:  Marilee C.C. Wald

Commissioners: Bruce Brodzik and Angelo Cangialosi

Members: 38 present and 29 proxies

Others: Bill Grinnell, Fremont Township Highway Commissioner; Diana O’Kelly, Lake County Supervisor


The annual meeting was called to order at 1:32 PM on February 22, 2015 by President, Dan Prezell at Countryside Fire Station #1, 801 S. Midlothian Road.


President, Dan Prezell introduced, Diana O’Kelly, Lake County Township Supervisor.

Some of the topics discussed by Mrs. O’Kelly included:

  • Early voting, absentee voting and voting by mail are all options available in Lake County.

  • Forest Preserve lands continue to be added, including popular dog parks and walking paths.

  • Two Fremont Township park improvement projects have been completed including Behm Park. Park upgrades include bathroom and water hook-ups.

  • Upcoming projects include a pickle ball court and a new equipment building at Behm Park.

  • Plans for the Fremont Township Complex include an equipment building and a new building for the Fremont Township Highway Department.

  • The Fremont Township Administration Center has two community rooms which can be used by groups, clubs and community events at no charge.

  • The Fremont Township Food Pantry is available for residents in need of assistance and is looking for volunteers and donations.

  • The bike path along Midlothian Road has been completed. Future plans may include connecting the bike path to Fremont Center Road and Ray Lake Forest Preserve.

Mrs. O’Kelly thanked Dan Prezell for his work as Chairman for the Parks Committee and for his many years of service to Fremont Township.

Residents are encouraged to contact Diana O’Kelly with concerns and issues. Residents can receive the Lake County News, by emailing her: [email protected]




President, Dan Prezell introduced Fremont Township Highway Commissioner, Bill Grinnell.

Some of the topics discussed by Mr. Grinnell included:

  • Repair work of the head wall of Forest Lane off of West Shore Drive near the creek had been delayed because of bad weather and progress was slower than anticipated. Residents can expect West Shore Drive to be periodically closed to relocate a new water main.

  • Water shut-offs are anticipated for 2-3 hour stretches during water-main work. Fremont Township will work with WSPC to communicate anticipated water disruptions.

  • Work is anticipated to be completed by the summer including new landscaping along West Shore Drive and Forest Lane and the repaving of West Shore Drive and Forest Lane.

  • Plans for the 60/83 and Midlothian Road reconstruction Phase 1 has been completed. Financing is now being looked into.

  • Response to a question posed by Ken Krasinski regarding Fremont Township removing old utility poles. Mr. Grinnell will contact utility companies to have the poles removed.


No new residents were in attendance.



Dan Prezell introduced the directors, treasurer, secretary, and commissioners in attendance.


Ken Krasinski moved and Bruce Brodzik seconded that the minutes of February 16, 2014 be approved as presented. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.


February 22, 2015


My fellow West Shore Park Corporation Members;

As we move into our 2015-2016 fiscal year, I am proud to say, that your volunteer Board of Directors and Officers have continued to provide for the excellent fiscal management of the West Shore Park Corporation.

I am pleased to report that even in these difficult economic times our Corporation continues to maintain a strong and stable financial position, thanks in part to the conservative management of Corporation assessments and related community common area maintenance and expenses, as well as to the standard practices and policies that the Corporation Board of Directors had adopted over this past fiscal year.  The practices and policies have enabled the Corporation to reach 100% collection of Corporation assessments!

These are the ingredients necessary to make our West Shore Park Community a better place to live and in turn help to maintain and increase the property values of homes within our community.

We thank our Corporation Members for the opportunity of serving the community and we are truly dedicated for making West Shore Park a great community to live in.

In closing, I want to thank our Members for the confidence and support they have placed in our Corporation leadership.  We appreciate your encouragement and continuing support and ask for your suggestions, comments and concerns.  We have tried to be accessible and available to do the right thing for our community.

As you may have heard, my term as a Board Member has ended.  I consider it an honor to have served our community and a privilege to have been associated with our current and previous Board Members and Officers.

Thank you.

Dan Prezell, President, West Shore Park Corporation




February 22, 2015


Hey and Associates, Inc. (Hey) has been hired by the Mundelein Park & Recreation District (MPRD) to assist the District with a background “State of the Lake” assessment and development of a lake management plan for Diamond Lake.  Over the past 35 years Hey has assisted municipalities, park districts, lake management districts and subdivision/homeowners associations with lake management projects.  Some projects that Hey has undertaken with scopes similar to the scope of work of Diamond Lake is as follows:

CRYSTAL LAKE – For the past ten (10) years Hey has served as Lake Manager for Crystal Lake, a 234-acre glacial lake that consistently ranks among the best in Illinois in terms of water quality.  Crystal Lake is owned by the Crystal Lake Park District.

LOON LAKES – In 2012, Hey submitted a Conservation Plan and an accompanying application for Incidental Takings Authorization on behalf of the Loon Lake Management Association to the Illinois DNR.  The Association is the lakes management entity for East and West Loon Lakes, two (2) connected glacial lakes comprising over 350 acres in Lake County.  The Conservation Plan and Incidental Takings Authorization were needed because of the presence or possible presence of six (6) Illinois-listed fish species and one listed amphibian species.  The objective was to ensure that mechanical aquatic weed harvesting and herbicide treatments, shoreline stabilization, and other lake management activities do not have adverse impacts on those listed species or their habitats. It was the first ITA authorization issued for an inland lake on Illinois.

Hey will conduct a comprehensive review of data that has been previously produced for Diamond Lake from various sources.  This assessment will help in the assemblage of an accurate depiction of the current lake conditions.  Hey will produce an action plan based on their findings that includes recommendations designed to achieve both short term and long term goals.  Recommendations will include best management practices for maintaining a healthy balance of aquatic plant and animal life, vegetation control and reducing shoreline erosion and sedimentation, improving water quality, recreational uses and other lake management issues.


Hey will meet with MPRD and stakeholders early spring to identify lake use patterns and priorities.  These insights provided by the lake stakeholders will be important to focus management efforts on the most notable problem areas of the lake to minimize conflicts with the recreational users of the lake and balancing ecological concerns. Next scheduled stakeholder meeting:  March 16, 2015 7:00pm at the Countryside Fire Station, Midlothian Road.


Fred Aichele presented the Treasurer’s Report for 01/01/2015 – 01/31/2015. Items discussed included:

  • All 2014 dues had been collected.

  • High cost of tree removal.

  • Water Variable Frequency Drive had to be replaced at a very high cost.

  • Water expenses were very high – Residents are referred to the Water Commissioners’ Report.

  • Legal fees were high although most have been recovered.

Juli Crane asked if the water repair bills were so high because of the extremely cold winters or because of the advanced age of the water lines. Fred Aichele responded that we cannot know for sure. Some lines are extremely old but there does not seem to be a specific reason or indicator as to why some water lines fail and others do not.

Susan Frank moved and James Melledy seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be approved as submitted. Unanimously approved by a voice vote with the board voting to approve the Treasurer’s Report for 01/01/2015 – 01/31/2015  as presented as follows:  Tabatha Curtis, yes; Susan Frank, yes; James Melledy, yes; Dan Prezell, yes; Gina Rundall, yes.

A copy is available for download.



Fred Aichele discussed the adopted budget and annual dues for the 2015 / 2016 fiscal year


$521    Water                                                                           $0        Water

$36      General                                                                        $36      General

$95      Beach & Park                                                              $95      Beach & Park

————————————————                                 ——————————————————-

$652.00                                                                                   $131.00

This budget was unanimously approved by the WSPC Board at the Regular Monthly Board Meeting of January 5, 2015 for proposal at the 2015 Annual Meeting.

For comparison use only: The previous year’s annual dues for homes on the WSP Water System are as follows: 2014 – $649 / 2013 – $654 / 2012 – $495 / 2011 – $779 / 2010 – $757 / 2009 – $756.

Chip Altholz requested information on why the mosquito control expenditure was eliminated. Dan Prezell, Mosquito Commissioner, explained that according to the WSPC Declaration, mosquito abatement is an elective expense that WSPC cannot compel members to pay for. Mr. Prezell also reported that two treatments were not used in 2014 and will be scheduled sometime in the summer. Fremont Township will treat the catch basins.

Tracey Cornish asked why WSPC should pay for repairs to a valve thought to be broken by a utility company. Fred Aichele responded that there were two problems. The first was a leak caused by a utility company. The utility company paid for the repairs. The second problem occurred when attempting to shut off the West Shore Drive main for the repairs, it was discovered that the valve was stuck and could not be turned which necessitated the repairs/replacement.





West Shore Park – Water Commissioner Report


2014 Update

In 2014, there were a large number of water related issues.  WSP had a few water main breaks within the neighborhood, WSP replaced a booster pump, and also had to find and replace a number of buffalo boxes due to blockage and old valves.  Many homeowners have asked for a locate of their buffalo boxes due to water valve and device issues within their homes.  Please be aware that if you are having work done on your home that you have a licensed plumber look at your valve inside your home before shutting off.  WSP has had at least 10 homeowners with emergency situations this year.  WSP cannot react as quickly as some villages to respond to these issues.

There have been some requests to find all of the buffalo boxes in the neighborhood.  WSP has done some research into locating all of the buffalo boxes and it is too costly for the number of homes within the WSP system and many of the buffalo boxes are buried and would take too much time to locate.  With all of the other WSP’s water issues right now, this is not a high priority at this time.  If homeowners know where their buffalo box is located, please mark it and do not cover with landscaping materials.

WSP also had the Illinois EPA perform a routine review of the WSP water system at the end of 2014.  There were no major issues and only a few minor changes in how Swanson Water Treatment has to report testing of the water.

In late 2014, WSP had two major issues.  The first was the deep well (Well No. 1 – 800 ft) pump motor failed.  The motor and wiring was recently replaced and the well is now back online.  With the low water usage during cold weather months, the supply from the two shallow wells kept up fine.

Over the past month, residents may have noticed increased sulfur smell in their water.  This is typical when only using water from the shallow wells.  With the deep well back in service, the water is now blended and the smell should be significantly reduced and back to normal.

Lastly, WSP has been coordinating with Fremont Township on moving two sections of water main in conjunction with the Forest Lane and West Shore Drive drainage project.  There is one more scheduled outage in Block 2 over the next month and a half, residents will be notified in a timely manner.

2015 Budget and Tank Status

In 2015, WSP has budgeted for routine water management and testing with Swanson Water Treatment.  WSP also has a valve that requires replacement in Block 2.  Most of the budget is related to our typical yearly costs, with the exception of the water tank replacement fund.  As of Wednesday, the generator radiator sprung a leak and will have to be fixed.  Lionheart Engineering was scheduled to come out on Thursday morning to look at it and we do not have any information yet on the repair.

The status of the water tank replacement is as follows:

  • WSP has a bid proposal from RHMG Engineers for design services. WSP’s plan is to have RHMG assist WSP with the design and planning for the water tank replacement.  WSP hopes to start the design in late summer or early fall 2015.

  • Based on the estimates WSP will receive after the RHMG design, WSP plans to finalize the tank replacement budget in 2016 with the tank replacement work tentatively scheduled for fall 2016.

  • WSP is pursuing a grant from Lake County for assistance with the cost for our water tank replacement. A meeting is scheduled in March and WSP will be submitting for the grant.

If homeowners have any questions, please feel free to email Brett at [email protected].


Brett Laureys


Jim Konstantinidis recommended that the new water tank be buried to help reduce the proposed cost. Answer: Per EPA guidelines, the tank cannot be buried underground.

Mike Davenport recommended that more money should be budgeted for water line repair. Fred Aichle responded that the high amount was very unusual for the year.

Lisa Yaffe asked if the amount budgeted for water will be reduced after the new water tank is completed. Fred Aichele responded that it should but there is no guarantee in how much it is expected to be reduced.

Tom Pilewski reminded the membership in attendance that the board is pursuing a federal grant that may help off-set the proposed cost of the water tank replacement. Dan Prezell reported that he and at least one more board member plan to attend a meeting scheduled for March 13, 2015 as part of the process to apply for the federal grant. The WSPC is making plans to go forward with the tank replacement without the grant, but is optimistic that some grant money will be received.


West Shore Park – Block II Beach

Master Renovation Plan




Due to extensive drainage issues at the Block II Beach over the last several years, the beautification of Block II Beach has been put on hold.  Since the turnover of West Shore Park (WSP) roads to Fremont Township, Fremont Township has worked with WSP to improve the Block II Beach drainage situation.   Now that Fremont Township’s Block II drainage project is complete, except for some future maintenance, the residents of Block II have come up with a Master Renovation Plan to beautify the Block II Beach.




The Block II Beach Beautification Plan involves some structural improvements such as retaining walls and pavers on the slope to the beach to help with drainage and the fixing of the sea wall.  The Plan also includes the installation of a concrete patio, planting of appropriate bushes, trees and plants as well as landscaping that will help improve the visual appeal of the beach.  A more secure 12′ x 6′ shed has also been added to the plan to help with storage of beach buoys and tools.

A multiple phase, multiple year approach has been adopted to appropriately address the safety and drainage concerns first with aesthetics and beautification being address later.



In determining the budget, it was assumed that residents of Block II would perform as much of the labor as possible to complete the improvements such as construction of concrete patio, storage shed, planting, installation of signs and possibly the placement of the pavers and retaining walls.  The following is an estimate to perform the items discussed above:

                        Seawall Repair                                                            $ 10,000.00

                        Retaining Walls                                                           $   5,000.00                                                                                    Concrete Patio                                                             $   7,500.00

                        Storage Shed                                                               $   2,500.00

                        Pavers for Slope                                                          $   2,000.00

                        Signs                                                                           $      300.00

                        Landscaping                                                                $   1,000.00

                        Total                                                                            $ 28,300.00



Final schedule will be determined by the amount of money allotted per year from the budget.  The following is a tentative schedule:

            Fiscal Year 2014-2015

                        July 2014 – Fremont Township completes drainage improvements.

            Fiscal Year 2015-2016

                        April/May 2015 – Sea Wall Repair                                        $10,000.00

                        May 2015 – Installation of retaining walls                             $  5,000.00

                        May 2015 – Partial Landscaping                                             $     500.00                                                                                                                  Total                            $15,500.00

            Fiscal Year 2016-2017

                        April 2016 – Installation of partial landscaping                      $     500.00

                        May 2016 – Installation of pavers for slope                            $  2,000.00

                        May 2016 – Concrete Pad Installation                                    $  7,500.00

                        Summer 2016 – Shed Installation and signs                           $  2,800.00

                                                                                                            Total    $12,800.00



Following is a concept drawing of the Block II Beach with the proposed improvements.

   (Note — cannot copy layout page).



Julie Crane asked if the seawall restoration cost is included in the budget or if it will be an extra expense.

Gina Rundall responded that it is included in the budget.

Dave Frost asked why a concrete patio was chosen. Gina Rundall responded that it was for weed control and that the concrete patio has not been decided on yet. Other options include grass, sand and wood chips, but all the options have their benefits and drawbacks. All options are being considered for initial cost and upkeep.

James Melledy reported that drainage and erosion are the biggest concerns to address and that many members have volunteered their time and labor.

Juli Crane recommended researching and applying for water and lake management grants to help off-set the cost.

Mark Steward asked what the pavers will do for the landscaping. James Melledy responded that the proposed turf pavers and grass will help to slow the water to prevent erosion and help increase the safety on the beach in general.

Dave Frost expressed his concern regarding the amount of algae and weeds that has been collecting and washing up on the beaches and inquired if WSPC has contracted to have a company remove the dead weeds and algae. Dan Prezell responded that residents will have to help collect the dead weeds and dispose of them. The Mundelein Park District has a plan to help control the weeks in the lake, but collection and disposal is the responsibility of the residents.


James Melledy moved and Gina Rundall seconded that the Proposed Dues be adopted for the 2015 – 2016 fiscal year. The motion passed by voice vote with the board members voting as follows: Tabatha Curtis – yes, Susan Frank – yes, James Melledy – yes, Dan Prezell – yes, Gina Rundall – yes.


The terms of Directors Dan Prezell and Gina Rundall have expired. Dan Prezell will not be seeking another term. Gina Rundall is interested in continuing to be on the WSP Corporation Board of Directors.

WSPC received two eligible nominations to be considered for the two open positions of Director.

The official, certified candidates for Director are:

Gina Rundall (19351 Forest Lane) – Block 2 – Two Year Term

The nomination for Gina Rundall was seconded by Bruce Brodzik. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.

Nicki Sullivan (26671 N Oakdale Lane) – Block 1 – Two Year Term

The nomination for Nicki Sullivan was seconded by Patty Melledy. Approved with one member abstaining.



  • Dave Frost reported that he found a car key with remote at the intersection of Route 60 and Circle Drive. An email reporting the found item will be sent to all members.

  • Lisa Yaffe expressed appreciation to Dan Prezell for his dedication and hard work over the years with the WSPC Board of Directors. She especially expressed her thanks for the work that was done to complete the new By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations.

  • Karlene Loebig expressed her appreciation for her neighbors and the community, stating that in her 50 years of living in West Shore Park she has never experienced a real problem. She said, “It’s a very nice place to live!”

  • Special recognition was given to Angelo Cangialosi for his work as the Block 2 Beach Commissioner and John Retzinger who has taken over as the Block 1 Beach Commissioner. Also recognized was Dave Frost for handling the snowplowing of the community in partnership with Fremont Township. Patty Melledy and Brenda Prezell were thanked for their work in Public Relations.

  • Homeowners are reminded that if they choose to burn leaves, they must follow the Lake County Regulations and Guidelines for Open Burning:


            Concerns about open burning can be reported to the Countryside Fire Protection District Non-            Emergency Line: 847-367-5511

  • Homeowners are encouraged to report excessive weed growth in Diamond Lake to the Mundelein Park District for weed control.


Dan Prezell expressed his thanks to all the volunteers who serve as directors, officers, and commissioners and all those that help with the many facets of making life so enjoyable in West Shore Park! He also expressed his thanks to those residents in attendance and encouraged residents to attend the monthly board meetings.

A special acknowledgment was given to Fred Aichele who will be beginning his 33rd year of service as the Treasurer for West Shore Park this April.



Mark Steward moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Bruce Brodzik and unanimously approved by a voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 3:02 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilee C.C. Wald, Secretary