Handbook for Directors — signature page

Board Member’s Oath



I, ______________________________________________, a duly elected/appointed director of the West Shore Park Corporation, do solemnly swear and do hereby affirm as follows:

  • I will attend as many meetings as possible.
  • I will place the Corporation’s interests above my own agenda.
  • I will follow the rules of decorum and parliamentary procedures.
  • I will act in a courteous manner toward my fellow directors.
  • I will not divulge confidences/sensitive information.
  • I understand that no director has any authority to act independently and that all Board member responsibilities are a direct result of the approval of the Board.
  • I understand that I am a director of a not-for-profit corporation and I will not directly intervene in any owner disputes.
  • I shall at all times obey the proper rules and regulations of the Corporation.
  • I will be sensitive to individual differences, respectful of dissenting opinions and cooperative in implementing the will of the majority of the Board.


Agreed this ______ day of __________________________, 20_____