About West Shore Park


Prior to 1923 there were only a few farm houses in this area, along with some cow paths leading to the
lake. In summer of 1923 West Shore Park was surveyed and subdivided. Benjamin H. Miller was the developer
of the subdivision. The first house was built within the next two years.

From 1923 to 1928 various grants, conveyances ans easements were recorded. These not only cover privileges enjoyed by residents, such as swimming, fishing, boating and the use of the parks, but also imposed certain restrictions governing building and the use of the property.

By 1929 there were a number of homes in the area which were primarily summer homes. It was then that the old water system was installed. Also about this time the group of homeowners formed the West Shore Park Association.

In 1938 there were 63 homes, and owners felt a need for a governing body which would be recognized by the Sate of Illinois. On September 7, 1939 West Shore Park was incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Illinois. The incorporators and first directors were F.B. Johnson, Edward C. Kiesler, F. McLean, George Meeker, and M.J. Ziiolkowski. The first annual meeting was held on June 2, 1940. At this time our original bylaws were presented. The corporation also purchased the parks, roads, beaches and water system.

In August of 1943 Miller Park was dedicated to honor Benjamin H. Miller, the founder and developers of West Shore Park . The first fire hydrant was installed in Bock II at the corner of Lake Terrace and Fairview Drive in 1947. In 1948 there were 72 families. By 1953 there were 74 families. in 1972 the sewers were brought in by the county. As the years have gone by West Shore Park grown, and the needs of the corporation and the contributions of the residents have grown. We now have over 191 homes in our community.

Board meetings are held monthly and the annual meeting is held in February to approve the budget and annual assessments.

Annual dues are assessed on each member household for the purpose of maintaining parks, beaches and the community water system.  West Shore Park has its own water system, a community park, two private beaches and boating and fishing rights for Diamond Lake. West Shore Park receives fire protection from the Countryside Fire Protection District and police protection from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. We are also included in the Mundelein Park District and the Fremont Library District.

The directors, officers and commissioners are all elected or appointed on a volunteer basis. As provided for in our bylaws, there are five (5) directors, two (2) from Block 1, two (2) from Block 2 and one (1) at large director who is elected from either block. The term of a director is two (2) years. Members of the West Shore Park Corporation are owners of record of improved property within West Shore Park. There is only one vote at the annual meeting per house. Those members unable to attend the meeting may send a proxy with a friend who then votes in his place.

The following is a quote from a former president of West Shore Park, Mr. G.T. Lathan. It was made on June 1, 1947 and has always been appropriate through the years in a volunteer community such as ours.

“Remember—our directors, officers and commissioners are our neighbors who work for a living the same as we do, who have just as much company on weekends as we do. Someone must look after the affairs of the community or our property and well being will suffer. If they are good enough to devote their time to managing and maintaining our properties, the least we can do is OFFER a little cooperation and not wait until they are forced to ask for help.”