2020 02 Minutes Feb Annual Mtg Draft



February 16, 2020



Directors: Mike Davenport, John Lohrmann, James Melledy, Nicki Sullivan

Treasurer: Fred Aichele

Secretary:  Marilee C.C. Rusiniak

Commissioners: Bruce Brodzik (Piers), Angelo Cangialosi (Block 2 Beach), Stacee Kalmanovsky (Miller Park), Brett Laureys (Water), Patty Melledy (Block 2 Public Relations)

Members: 29 present and 19 proxies

Others: Diana O’Kelly, Lake County Township Supervisor; Herb Riedel, Fremont Township Manager of Operations, Alicia Dodd, Fremont Township Highway Commissioner; Jessica Vealitzek, Lake County Board Member District 10; Daniel Didech – State Representative 59th District



WSPC President James Melledy introduced Diana O’Kelly, Lake County Township Supervisor.

Mrs. O’Kelly has been in public service to Fremont Township since 1994.

Some of the topics discussed by Mrs. O’Kelly included:

  • Groot has been awarded the contract for the single waste hauler for Fremont Township with service to begin on April 1, 2020. Community groups met to discuss the issues. 2 bids were received by Fremont Township. Letter to the community with details will be issued. Service includes 6 weeks leaf vacuum service. Curb-side electronics recycling available. 1 large (less than 50 lbs.) item allowed per week. Natural Christmas tree pick-up in January. Reduced senior rates available. Billing cycle is every three months. Garbage day remains on Friday. Thank you to Dan Prezell who had been helping with the process.

  • Encouraged residents to “Like” the Fremont Township Facebook page.

  • There are many services and programs that Fremont Township provides for residents including:

    • Early voting, absentee voting and voting by mail are all options available in Fremont Township.

    • Fremont Township Food Pantry. Also looking for volunteers and donations.

    • Heating cost assistance is available through Fremont Township for low-income residents.

    • Programs to help people with drug addictions.

    • Programs to help people who are homeless.

  • Residents are encouraged to contact Diana O’Kelly with concerns and issues.

  • Residents can receive Fremont Township News via email, by contacting her: [email protected]


Alicia Dodd, Fremont Township Highway Commissioner.

Herb Riedel, Fremont Township Parks, Building, Grounds & Highway Operations Manager

Some of the topics discussed by Ms. Dodd and Mr. Riedel included:

  • Fremont Township has had some fairly easy winters. They have been conscientious about salt use on the roads as it washes into Diamond Lake. Please keep catch basins clear of ice and snow.

  • Fremont Township will be reviewing WSP drainage before any road repaving that is needed is completed.

  • Focus has been on communications, records, identifying areas for repaving, water flow issues that contribute to freezing and ice in certain areas.

Fred Aichele inquired if there have been any improvements with cars not parking on the roads overnight. Ms. Dodd stated she believe the parking has improved overall. Mr. Riedel stated that Fairview Drive remains a problem with street parking. “No Overnight Parking” sign installation has been a challenge but the snow plow drivers have reported that it is better than it had been previously.

Ron Aidikonis expressed his thanks for the work by Fremont Township.

Nicki Sullivan reported that the Fremont Township Highway Department had been working with WSPC on the drainage challenges on Forest Lane recently.

Jimmy Kostantinidis expressed his concern that there have been drainage problems on Oakdale Drive that have not been addressed and require attention. Ms. Dodd requested that he contact the Highway Department and an inspection will be scheduled.

There was a discussion regarding on-street parking issues on Fairview Drive.

  • School buses cannot get through areas easily and safely.

  • Boulders and landscaping are on road right-away posing a safety issue.

  • “No Overnight Parking” does not help with the numbers of cars parked on the street during the day.

  • It was suggested that non-police-enforcement has not worked. Time to consider involving Lake County Sheriff to enforce the signs that have been in place since early December.

Dan Prezell expressed his thanks for the work of the Fremont Township Board and praised Diana O’Kelly’s Newsletter as “excellent”. “Welcome,” to Alicia Dodd as the new Highway Commissioner.


  • Completed first year as District 10 Representative.

  • Reported that this has been the first year in the past 20 years that the Lake County Board passed a budget with a flat tax levy. This means that the Lake County portion of a member’s property tax bill will not have a tax increase provided the property’s assessed value has not increased. This was done by the redistribution of tax dollars in certain areas.

  • Encouraged residents to visit the Lake County Board website to review videos and find minutes from committee and board meetings: https://www.lakecountyil.gov/2266/County-Board

  • Some areas of action include:

    • Increase in storm water management systems.

    • Review of ethics and transparency of Lake County Government actions/procedures.

    • Overhaul of the previous Ethics Ordinance.

    • Review of Vendor Disclosure rules/regulations.

    • Transportation Issues – Diamond Lake Road railroad overpass construction and road intersections.

    • Review of Clean Air Ordinance is under consideration – may result in a future ban on burning leaves and grass.

  • Encouraged all residents to complete the 2020 Census. Lake County may lose up to $1400 per person not counted in the census.

Mike Davenport asked how the railroad overpass and the widening of Route 60/83 from 176 to Diamond Lake Road will be funded. Response is that the project is now in Phase 2 of engineering. They are now finalizing the engineering plans and land acquisition necessary for the project and it is estimated to take 1-4 years depending on the land acquisition. Follow-up Question: What about stoplights? Answer: Plans are available on-line.

Tori Trauscht requested that the sediment going into Diamond Lake from construction, traffic, and rain run-off please me minimized as much as possible.

State Representative 59th District Daniel Didech stated that IDOT has completed the Phase 1 preliminary plans for the widening of 60/83. The new road will be 2 lanes each way separated by a median. A pedestrian / bike lane may be possible along with noise cancelling fencing. Mr. Didech also stated that $129 million dollars has been funded by the State of Illinois towards this project.


Mr. Didech has been the District 59 Representative for over a year.

Dan Prezell asked Mr. Didech what his position is on Townships. Mr. Didech replied that he is a former Township Supervisor and is looking to streamline and make Townships more efficient. He is in favor of Townships especially regarding road services managed by Townships.

Please contact him at [email protected] if you’d like additional information or have any questions for him.


The annual meeting was called to order at 2:14 p.m. on February 16, 2020 by President, James Melledy at Countryside Fire Station #1, 801 S. Midlothian Road.


The directors, treasurer, secretary, and commissioners in attendance introduced themselves.


Cathy and Greg Manning introduced themselves.


Tom Pilewski moved and Bruce Brodzik seconded that the minutes of February 17, 2019 be approved as presented. The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.


Thank you to all the members who have come to this meeting.

I like to take this opportunity to formally thank all the people who volunteer their time.

I want to first thank all the board members for all their hard work;

John Lohrmann

Mike Davenport

Chris Shifley

Nicole Sullivan

I want to thank the following commissioners and volunteers that donate their time and efforts to making sure that we all live in such a beautiful neighborhood:

Terri Aichele and Gail Kirsten for helping with the attendance at the annual meeting

Pier Commissioner – Bruce Brodzik

Beach Commissioners – John Retzinger and Angelo Cangialosi

Parks Commissioner- Chris Shifley and Dan Prezell

Public Relations – Brenda Prezell and Patty Melledy

Miller Park Beautification Commissioner – Stacee Kalmanovsky

I want to thank Marilee Rusiniak for over 14 years of service as the secretary of WSPC.  Marilee volunteers a lot of her time to insure the board follows meeting protocols and the Annual meeting minutes are accurate.

Thank You, Marilee.

 Brett Laureys – I would like to extend a special thank you to WSPC Water Commissioner, Brett Laureys, for all his time and effort of managing the water tank project and now leading the Forest Lane Water Main Replacement Project.  The Forest Lane Water Main project is much more complicated than the water tank project.  Brett with the help of Nicki Sullivan has been working with the engineer, Fremont Township and contractors on determining the schedule and budget. Brett handles every WSPC water related issue professionally and with great detail.  We say it every year, but WSPC is very lucky to have someone with his experience and talents to manage the Forest Lane Water Main project and WSPC Water system.

Thank You, Mr. Laureys.

And of course, I want to thank the person that makes West Shore Park Corporation run smoothly, 37 year veteran, Fred Aichele.  Fred has now been West Shore Park Corporation Treasurer for over 37 years.  Fred’s attention to detail is remarkable.  Fred takes care of the web site and provides a historical perspective of WSPC that is instrumental in decisions made by the board.

Fred has been able to identify a bank that will give WSPC a construction loan to expedite the installation of a new water main on Forest.  Fred took the time, researched, spoke with several banks and made it happen.  This loan will speed up the installation of the new water main, saving WSPC thousands of dollars. Thank You Very Much Fred for your 37 years of commitment to WSPC.

I want to also thank all the volunteers that have come out throughout the year for the beach and park clean ups and the special events.

 Forest Lane Water Main project – WSPC next major construction project is the replacement of the oldest water main section under old Forest Lane in Block II.  WSPC is planning on this project taking 3 to 4 years to complete.  It will be completed in 2 stages.  Again, Brett will be the lead on this project and Fred will be helping with the financing of this large endeavor.  Brett will be giving a briefing of the status of the project later in the meeting.

Thank You,

James Melledy



Fred Aichele presented the Treasurer’s Report for 01/01/2020 – 01/31/2020. Items discussed included:

  • Line 42 – Well/water maintenance is $900 over budget due to repair/painting of the well-house

  • Line 43 – IEPA Water Sample Testing under budget. (Varies greatly year-to-year.)

  • Line 45 – Water line repairs currently under budget. (No major breaks so far.)

  • Line 51 – Legal Fees. Over budget due to Taylor Lake Court cost for current litigation regarding trespassing on WSPC Property. ($8,000+ has been spent & $5,000 retainer.) For delinquent accounts, $7,000 has been recouped from delinquent fees paid.

  • Line 68 – Watermain Fund – Money added this year.

  • Line 70 – Watermain Fund – Bills paid.

  • Line 20 – Receipts – Residents. Includes funds received from T-shirt sales for Miller Park which was then allocated to Line 7 (Beach/Park).

  • Line 8 – * Denotes that line 7 (Beach/Park) includes the Shoreline repair fund of $4,800.

For next year’s budget:

  • Line 44 – Well Repair – $3,000 for new well-house roof.

  • Line 60 – $3,000 for Miller Park upgrade project.

  • Line 68 – Increase in water-line replacement fund.

Werner Brisske inquired if the line allowance for legal fees should be increased because of anticipated legal fees. Fred Aichele responded that the lawyers are paid a retainer and that the board has budgeted for more in the line because of an anticipated increase in fees. Question if the property at Taylor Lake Court could be sold. Bruce Brodzik responded that WSPC property cannot be sold according to the By-Laws.


Water Commissioner, Brett Laureys reported:

  • 2 recent water main breaks on “old” Forest Lane. Then old cast iron pipes will be replaced with industry standard plastic.

  • Forest Lane Water Main Replacement Project will be in two phases. Fremont Township has paid for all the engineering in Phase 1.

  • Fremont Township will be sharing in the storm water drainage replacement with an approximate savings to WSPC of $18,000.

  • Phase 1 work will begin once the EPA permits are in place and a bid had been accepted.

  • New water main will be installed via directional / open trench.

  • Phase 1 overall cost is estimated to be $160,000 which would include the engineering and construction.

  • Phase 2 design is currently underway.

  • WSPC is coordinating with Fremont Township for the storm water drainage work and repaving to be completed in 2021. Phase 2 estimated to be completed in 2022.

  • Electronic controls in the well-house need to be replaced.

  • WSPC is doing its best to stay on top of maintenance as needed.

Tom Pilewski inquired how much money was saved by WSPC by partnering with Fremont Township on the Forest Lane Water Main Replacement Project. Brett replied that the savings is approximately $16,000.00 – $18,000.00 with the possibility of more savings during phase 2.

Fred Aichele added that phase 1 was budgeted for with the emergency water fund and that there is a possibility our bank will be able to work with WSPC if there is a need to borrow money to complete phase 2.

Brett Laureys concluded that WSPC will save a lot of money by working collaboratively with Fremont Township on the storm water drainage project and the repaving of the roads that will follow.



Miller Park Commissioner Stacee Kalmanovsky presented the Miller Park Plan of Improvements. The informational packet was available at the meeting and was reviewed by those in attendance. The packet is available by request from Commissioner Stacee Kalmanovsky or by contacting any member of the WSPC board. Highlights include:

  • Phase 1: Establishing garbage service. Miller Park sign refurbishing. Play area with landscape timbers and woodchips. Add small sand play area. Begin landscaping to include: trim trees and bushes, kill weeds in set areas, add new plantings and seeding, remove dead trees and bushes, and plant new trees. Add rain garden.

  • Phase 2 plan includes: Repaint benches. Resurface blacktop. Add arbor near channel. Add mural on water tower. Add shade sail. Installation of obstacle course stumpery from donated tree stumps. Add low table near benches. Add porta-potty service. Add basketball hoop. (Please note that items in this phase are tentative.)

Jimmy Kostantinidis inquired how the proposed basketball court usage will be policed because it was very difficult to enforce rules in the past. It was proposed that specific signage could be installed and the non-emergency sheriff’s department could be contacted to escort non-members from the property.

Jimmy Kostantinidis also requested that any proposed mural on the water tank to please be painted on the park facing side of the water tank.


Fred Aichele discussed the proposed budget and annual dues for the 2020 / 2021 fiscal year.


$739    Water                                                                           $0        Water

$40      General                                                                        $40      General

$71      Beach & Park                                                              $71      Beach & Park

————————————————                     ———————————————-

$850.00                                                                                   $111.00

This budget was agreed upon at the Monthly Board meeting of January 6, 2020. At this meeting, Chris Shifley moved and John Lohrmann seconded to accept the final draft of the Proposed Budget Fiscal Year 4/01/2020 – 3/31/2021 as proposed for presentation to the WSPC membership at the annual meeting on February 16, 2020. Motion carried unanimously approved by Directors: Mike Davenport, John Lohrmann, James Melledy, and Chris Shifley.

For comparison use only: The previous year’s annual dues for homes on the WSP Water System are as follows: 2019 – $786 / 2018 – $733 / 2017 – $767 / 2016 – $875 / 2015 – $652 / 2014 – $649 / 2013 – $654


The terms of Directors James Melledy and Chris Shifley have expired. James Melledy and Chris Shifley are both interested in continuing to serve on the WSP Corporation Board of Directors.

WSPC received two eligible nominations to be considered for the two open positions of Director.

Each candidate was asked to introduce themselves.

The official, certified, candidates for Director are:

James Melledy (19344 Fairview Drive) – Block 2 – Two Year Term

The nomination for James Melledy was seconded by Tom Pilewski. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.

Chris Shifley (26737 Oakdale Lane) – Block 1 – Two Year Term

The nomination for Chris Shifley was seconded by Bruce Brodzik. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.



Werner Brisske commented that it appears the Rules and Regulations had been changed (Example: Article 3 Section 2 conflicts with Article 9, Section 4, #F) and stated that it appears that this is not permitted as written in the By-Laws. The questioned sections were briefly reviewed at the annual meeting. The WSPC board will further review the request and report back at the regularly scheduled meeting of March 2, 2020.

Jimmy Kostantinidis commented that he feels the water tank is unsightly and that he is very unhappy with the bright chrome top. He requested if the top could be painted. Brett Laureys responded that the old water-tank roof had been flat where the new water tank has a domed top and is more reflective than the roof on the previous tank. Stacee Kalmanovsky commented that it can be researched if the cost of painting the water-tank roof is feasible and could be added to the Miller Park Improvement Plan. Ken Krasinski suggested the possibility of the closest Miller Park residents interested in painting the water-tank top could share in the painting expense.

Rose Brisske commented that there have been many changes to the Rules and Regulations and that many residents may not be aware of the changes. She offered the example of what would happen if a resident wanted to use a fire pit and one Board Director does not want to allow it but another Board Director agrees to allow fire pit use. How would the conflict be addressed?

Response: The Rules and Regulations are intended to protect the neighborhood and encourage people to use common sense. The WSPC Board cannot police all the Rules and Regulations but they must be in place to cover all points of possible liability.

Tom Pilewski offered his appreciation of the work of all the board members, officers, commissioners, and volunteers. Judy Retzinger added that WSP is very lucky to have such volunteers.


Ken Krasinski moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Bruce Brodzik and unanimously approved by a voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilee C.C. Rusiniak, Secretary