2021 02 Minutes Annual Mtg Feb draft


February 16, 2021


Directors: Mike Davenport, John Lohrmann, James Melledy, Chris Shifley, Nicki Sullivan
Treasurer: Fred Aichele
Secretary: Marilee C.C. Rusiniak
Commissioners: Stacee Kalmanovsky (Miller Park), Brett Laureys (Water), Patty Melledy (Block 2 Public Relations), Dan Prezell (Block 1 Beach)
Members: 29 present and 19 proxies

The annual meeting was held via Zoom and called to order at 1:39 p.m. on February 21, 2021 by President, James Melledy.

The directors, treasurer, secretary, and commissioners in attendance introduced themselves.

Carrie & Larry Colvin, and Laurie Scafidi introduced themselves.

Dan Prezell moved and Brett Laureys seconded that the minutes of February 16, 2020 be approved as presented. The motion passed unanimously.

I want to start off by giving a brief update on Taylor Lake Court. As you may or may not know WSPC is involved in a law suit with a couple of home owners that adjoin a small piece of property across the lake that WSPC owns. At this time because of the suit, all I can say is that there is a Settlement Meeting this week with a Lake County Judge that will hopefully put an end to this three year disagreement Unfortunately, I cannot give out any details at this time, but I hope to put out a summary of the situation at its conclusion.

I like to take this opportunity to formally thank all the people who volunteer their time.
I want to first thank all the board members for all their hard work during the past year;

John Lohrmann 2 years and renewing this year for another 2.

Mike Davenport 2 years and renewing this year for another 2 years.
Chris Shifley 3 years.

Nicole Sullivan 6 years. I would like to give a special thanks to Nicki for all of her hard work over the last 6 years. Nicki has been very instrumental in all board decisions as well as WSPC policy changes that have helped create and standardize the way WSPC does business. Nicki is a great champion for WSPC; she is involved in every aspect of WSPC business and its running. Even with all the great things she does for WSPC her biggest and most important contribution has been her relationship with Fremont Township. Nicki has worked with Fremont in handling West Shore Park drainage issues, Block I and II Beach entrance construction, Forest Lane Water Main Project as well as all the new drainage and construction projects this year.
Nicki…”Thank you,” for all your efforts.

I want to thank the following commissioners and volunteers that donate their time and efforts to making sure that we all live in such a wonderful neighborhood:
Terri Aichele and Gail Kirsten for helping with the attendance at the annual meeting
Pier Commissioner Bruce Brodzik
Beach Commissioners Dan Prezell and Angelo Cangialosi
Parks Commissioner Chris Shifley and Dan Prezell
Public Relations Brenda Prezell and Patty Melledy

Stacee Kalmanovsky Stacee came to the board a couple years ago with the intent of beautifying Miller Park. Since then Stacee has put a beautification plan together, researched pricing, proposed a budget, raised money, and has implemented and installed the first phase of her master plan. For all of her efforts I want to extend a huge thank you to Stacee for all of her past work and future work. Stacee will discuss more about Miller Park later in the meeting.
“Thank you”, Stacee.

Jay Randolph I want to give another quick thank you to Jay Randolph from Block 1 who has been working with Stacee on Miller park and has donated a lot of time and resources to Miller Park.

Sorry if I missed anyone else that has helped with Miller Park. I know a lot of people have been helping.

Brett Laureys I would like to extend a special thank you to resident engineer, WSPC Water Commissioner, Brett Laureys, for all his time and effort of managing the Forest Lane Water Main Replacement Project this year. The Forest Lane Water Main project has several moving parts and is in many ways more complicated than the water tank project from a couple of years ago. Brett, with the help of Nicki Sullivan, has been working with the WSPC engineer, Fremont Township, and plumbing contractors on schedule and budget for the new water main installation this last summer. Brett managed the installation of Phase I of the Forest Lane project from the Block 2 beach north to Highland Ave. The installation went very smooth for a project this size on very a tight street and very old piping. This is a testament to Brett’s professionalism and his engineering skills. Brett is already working with the engineers on Phase 2 of the project and will have more details during his presentation later in the meeting. Brett handles every WSPC water related issue professionally and with great detail. We say it every year, but WSPC is very lucky to have someone with his experience and talents to manage the Forest Lane Water Main project and WSPC Water system. “Thank You,” Mr. Laureys.

I want to thank Marilee Rusiniak for over 15 years of service as the Secretary of WSPC. Marilee volunteers so much of her time to insure the monthly and annual meetings are conducted properly, accurately, and that the meeting minutes are delivered on time. This year was especially challenging because of Covid. Conducting and recording the meetings has been more demanding. Marilee has had to take extra time due to the uncertainty of the monthly meetings either being cancelled, moved, or held virtually. Once it was decided that we may need to conduct virtual meetings, Marilee did all the leg work on picking the right platform, setting everything up and running the meetings. Marilee ran a “dress rehearsal” annual meeting last week so everyone else on the call would feel comfortable and understand how today’s meeting would run. In addition to all Marilee does at the annual meeting she also organizes the Annual Mini meeting. Marilee’s professionalism, attention to details, and the amount of personal time that Marilee puts into being WSPC Secretary is very much appreciated and it is an honor and pleasure to work with her. “Thank You,” Marilee.

Fred Aichele Fred has now been West Shore Park Corporation Treasurer for over 38 years. If I am correct that is 1983? That is truly amazing. And he is only 55. Or at least that is what he tells me. It is hard to find anyone to do anything for that long and Fred does it well. Fred’s attention to detail is remarkable. In addition to making the books balance and never being off (which is a huge job), Fred takes care of the web site, and provides a historical perspective of WSPC that is instrumental in decisions made by the board. He also sets the schedule with the Fire Department for the monthly and annual meetings, works with Brett on the special project budgets, and took the time to research with several banks to insure WSPC can get a loan in case it is needed for large infrastructure projects. These are just some of the tasks Fred performs for this neighborhood. In addition to being the Treasurer, Fred and his wife Terri are very sweet people that are a pleasure to be around and I am glad to call a friend and neighbor. Thank You Very Much Fred for your 38 years of commitment to WSPC.

I want to also thank all the volunteers that have come out throughout the years for the beach and park clean ups and the special events.
We are very lucky to have such caring and professional people like Fred, Marilee and Brett, to name a few, who volunteer so much of their time to manage the business and operations of West Shore Park. If you see some of these volunteer board members, officers and commissioners that I just mentioned around the neighborhood please give them a little pat on the back and say thank you for all their hard work.

Resignation. One last thank you. I want to thank Werner Brisske for volunteering to join the board as a Block II representative at the next meeting. Werner will be taking my spot on the board. I have decided to step down from the board after approximately 18 years. My job is becoming more demanding and I feel I could not give the position the time and commitment that I feel it deserves. I have fully enjoyed being on the board and working with all the wonderful people that have served and live in this community. I will still be around to help whenever I can. I always say this is the best place to live and raise a family because of all the caring and wonderful people in it.
Thank You,
WSPC President, James Melledy

Fred Aichele took a moment to recognize James Melledy for his many years of service on the WSPC Board. Fred recounted many of the important projects in WSP that have been completed in the time that James has been a board member and recognized James’ incredible dedication and commitment to this community. The WSPC Board, Officers, Commissioner, and Members say a collective, “Thank you”, to James Melledy for his many years of service to our community.

Fred Aichele presented the Treasurer’s Report for 01/01/2021 01/31/2021. Items discussed included:

 Line 42 Well/water maintenance over budget – unplanned $700 to diagnose generator problem and $163 well-house lock repair.
 Line 44 Generator repair – unplanned generator repair $6465
 Line 51 Legal Fees. Over budget — $13,264 is due to Taylor Court issue for current litigation regarding trespassing on WSPC Property. Legal fees for delinquencies are added to homeowners’ balances and most fees have been recouped. ($2,000+ on delinquent accounts with most recouped from delinquent fees paid.)
 Line 61 Block 1 Beach seawall upgrade / repair. Actual was $4000, planned was $1200. Received excellent price and got more work completed than originally planned. Used money from Shoreline Fund.
 Line 62 Block 2 Beach under by $1700 with some tree work invoices remaining unpaid. Mowing $900 less than budgeted.
 Line 70 $189,616 from Water Main Replacement Fund spent on Phase 1 & on Phase 2 for engineering. (Covered more in report by Water Commissioner Brett Laureys).

 Line 6 $85.68 remains at end of January
 Line 10 $433.48 remains after Phase 1 of Watermain Replacement Project and Engineering had been paid. Starting balance was $70,515.00. Transfer $26,324 in from Emergency Water Fund.
 Any unspent money in Water Line Repair at the end of the fiscal year will be transferred to the Water Main Replacement Fund.
 Line 11 $711.65 remains began year at $8,000 Had to transfer money to regular General Fund to cover increased legal fees.

Water Commissioner, Brett Laureys reported:
 Phase 2 design for the Forest Lane Watermain Project is complete and will be completed in 2022.
 Phase 2 is estimated to run approximately $190,000 in budget estimates.
 Phase 2 design is anticipated to be completed in June/July of 2022.
 Behm had the Phase 1 contract and has submitted a bid for contract consideration of Phase 2.

 WSPC is coordinating with Fremont Township for repaving of all Forest Lane to be completed in 2022.
 Old fuel pump in the well house need to be replaced.
 WSPC is doing its best to stay on top of maintenance as needed as well as coordinate the massive Forest Lane watermain replacement project.
 Expressed his opinion that the break down of what WSP homeowners pay to maintain our water system remains a lot less when compared to what other communities pay for pay per use water.

President James Melledy expressed his thanks to Water Commissioner Brett Laureys for his hard work in handling the various responsibilities as Water Commissioner and heading the extensive projects for our Community and reiterated that the success of the projects have been a testament to the incredible team effort of the current and past directors, commissioners, and officers.
Brett Laureys expressed his thanks to President James Melledy for his years of leadership and service to our community.

Miller Park Commissioner Stacee Kalmanovsky reported on the progress of the Miller Park Improvement Project.
Completed Phase 1 tasks include:
 Installing/fixing swings
 Installing “stumpery” play area. Thank you to Fremont Township Highway
Commissioner Alicia Dodd for delivering the stumps to Miller Park at no cost and
installed by Phil Yaffee
 Rain garden area established
 Sign repaired and replaced
 Diamond Lake informational sign installed
 Landscape lumber and woodchips installed in play areas
 Sandbox installed
 Removal of ailing trees and planting of beneficial trees
 New landscaping and plants added
 Memorial tree planted with an added thank you to Gina Rundall for organizing the
donations from the tree fundraiser

Phase 2 tasks include:
 Repaint benches

 Resurface blacktop
 Add arbor near channel
 Add mural on water tower
 Add shade sail
 Possibility of basketball hoop installation

Fred Aichele discussed the proposed budget and annual dues for the 2021 / 2022 fiscal year.
Line 45 Water Line Repair reduced by $6000 as we have some newer water mains with the oldest water main having been replaced and the expectation of less breaks.
Line 51 Legal Increase by $400 estimated as we don’t know the status of current legal issues, especially pertaining to the Taylor Lake Court issue.
Line 65 Plan to add $83,000 to Water Main Replacement Fund Similar to last year.

$734 Water                                                                 $0 Water
$57 Genera                                                                $57 General
$59 Beach & Park                                                      $59 Beach & Park
———————–                                                       ——————
$850.00                                                                        $116.00

WESTSHORELAND: $59.00 per home for Beach/Park

This budget was agreed upon at the Monthly Board meeting of January 11, 2021. At this meeting, Mike Davenport moved and Chris Shifley seconded to accept the final draft of the Proposed Budget Fiscal Year 4/01/2021 3/31/2022 as proposed for presentation to the WSPC membership at the annual meeting on February 21, 2021. Motion carried unanimously approved by Directors: Mike Davenport, John Lohrmann, James Melledy, Chris Shifley, and Nicki Sullivan.
For comparison use only: The previous year’s annual dues for homes on the WSP Water System are as follows: 2020 $850 / 2019 $786 / 2018 $733 / 2017 $767 / 2016 $875 / 2015 $652 / 2014 $649

The terms of Directors Mike Davenport and Nicki Sullivan have expired. Nicki Sullivan has decided not to run for re election. Mike Davenport is interested in continuing to serve on the WSP Corporation Board of Directors.

WSPC received two eligible nominations to be considered for the two open positions of Director.

The official, certified, candidates for Director are:

Mike Davenport (28830 Circle Drive) At Large Two Year Term
The nomination for Mike Davenport was seconded by Ron Aidikonis. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.

Nicholas Dollenmaier (26747 Circle Drive) – Block 1 – Two Year Term
After having been approved for nomination, Nicholas Dollenmaier notified the WSPC Board that he would be moving out of the neighborhood shortly after the election. Upon moving, Mr. Dollenmaier will no longer be eligible for this position. Due to the timing of his notification, adequate time was not available to post notice for a new nomination from the WSPC Membership before the Annual Membership Meeting. It was recommended that Mr. Dollenmaier be elected to the Director position by the membership, after which he would resign the position immediately. This will make the position open to be filled by an eligible WSPC Member. Anyone from Block 1 interested in filling the remainder of this term should contact any current Director to be considered for the position.
The nomination for Nicholas Dollenmaier was seconded by Gail Kersten. Unanimously approved by a voice vote.

Juli Crane requested that due to 2020 being a financially rough year for many people due to Covid could the assessment be reduced to the lower amount paid in 2012?

James Melledy responded that the dues are currently set where they are because of the cost of the water main project. He also reported that there had not been many requests to reduce the dues because of financial hardship. He also explained that the budget is the lowest it can be to allow for the project to be completed and reminded the membership that the dues may be paid with a credit card on the website.

Juli Crane commented that she had assisted Fremont Township Highway Commissioner in securing watershed grants to help pay for work to manage storm-water run-off issues. She expressed her thanks to Alicia Dodd for her work with WSPC in helping secure extra funding for WSPC for these types of projects.

James Melledy expressed his thanks to Nicki Sullivan for her years of service to WSPC. He reported how Nicki has been instrumental in coordinating and supervising the completion of many WSPC projects over the years.

Werner Brisske moved that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by Ron Aidikonis and unanimously approved by a voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 2:36 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilee C.C. Rusiniak, Secretary